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What to Do When Your Home Suffers Major Storm Damage

Did you know natural disasters cost the US Government 165 billion dollars worth of property, lives, and infrastructure damages?

You may feel overwhelmed if your home has been hit with significant storm damage this year. Where’s an excellent place to start? What do you need to do to seek help and support?

If you have household insurance, you’re on your way. Below, we’ve listed a few things to do when your home suffers heavy damage due to a storm. Read on for more!

Ensure Safety

Observing safety is very important after a storm damages your home significantly. Firstly, take time to account for all the people and pets in the house.

Evacuate if immediate hazards such as downed power lines, gas leaks, or structural instability exist. Call the police, the fire service, or the utility companies. Be careful because even damage that doesn’t seem serious, like a damaged roof or windows, can be dangerous.

You should return to your home when professionals say it’s safe, especially if severe damage has compromised its structural integrity. Prioritizing safety keeps people alive and sets the stage for an excellent response to the injury.

Document the Damage

Take clear pictures and videos of the storm damage inside and outside your home to keep a record of it, including damage to the building itself, water getting in, and broken items.

Make a thorough list of the damaged items and how much you think they are worth. It’s essential to keep this organized record for your insurance claim and to figure out how much damage there is so that you can get it fixed.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your homeowner’s insurance company immediately about the storm damage. Give important information about what happened. It includes the date, the extent of the damage, and the steps taken to fix it.

Ask about the needed documentation and make notes to help you remember. Please give them your contact details and ask about the claim filing process. Communication with your insurer at the right time is essential for getting an immediate response and understanding the coverage and the claims process.

Restoration and Reconstruction

After the storm has passed and it’s safe to proceed, begin repairing your home. Consider hiring licensed contractors and professionals for structural repairs, electrical work, plumbing, and mold remediation. Keep records of all repair work, including invoices and permits.

For professional restoration services, you can contact experts, such as Rainfirerestoration.com, who specializes in storm and flood damage restoration. It ensures a thorough and efficient recovery process.

Keep These Tips on What To Do If You Have Storm Damage

Taking immediate action after your home suffers significant storm damage is crucial for the safety and well-being of you and your family. Following the steps outlined above, you can effectively navigate the aftermath of a storm and start repairing and restoring your home. Remember always to prioritize your safety and never hesitate to seek professional help. Stay safe and be prepared for any future storms.

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