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When Do Kids Start Losing Baby Teeth? Your Questions, Answered

Losing a tooth is a major milestone for children. And it’s an experience that everyone shares. Though many kids don’t believe their teeth will one day fall out.

But the promised visit from the tooth fairy brings much-needed hope when their first tooth starts wiggling around in their gums. A gift under the pillow in exchange for their baby tooth is always worth the discomfort.

So when do kids start losing baby teeth? And what are the best ways to help them through it? The answers lie below.

Why Do Children Lose Teeth?

It’s weird that our bodies grow teeth for a short time, only to shed them and grow the permanent versions a few short years later. Why does this happen?

Well, children need teeth to survive. They need them to eat and talk when they are little.

But their gums aren’t big or strong enough in their early years to support a full range of large, heavy teeth. So the baby teeth help them eat while their gums grow large enough to handle permanent teeth.

Additionally, baby teeth help prepare the jaw and gums for permanent teeth. The small teeth ensure the jaws and gums form correctly. The new teeth then push through the same opening, from the original tooth bud.

When Do Kids Start Losing Baby Teeth?

So when will my child start losing baby teeth, you may ask? Baby teeth loss typically starts around age 6 or 7. But the process usually isn’t complete until age 11 or 12.

Kids generally lose their teeth in the same order, starting with central incisors at 6 or 7 followed by lateral incisors at 7 or 8. The canines and molars are then lost between 9 and 12 years old. 

So what happens when kids start losing baby teeth? Once permanent teeth are ready to come in, the baby teeth will start getting loose.

This is caused by extra space in the mouth from the growing jaw. The new tooth also starts to push the old tooth, destroying the roots and loosening the tooth.

Making It Special

As a parent, the best thing you can do is make this time special for your kids. After all, once they lose their baby teeth, they will (hopefully) never lose any teeth again. 

Make it fun, make it memorable. Especially the first few teeth. Make sure there really will be a surprise from the tooth fairy under the pillow, especially if they are afraid of the tooth coming out. 

It could as simple as a quarter, or a brand new toy. Get them cozy, new pajamas and soft, organic sheets as they anticipate their first visit from the tooth fairy.

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Enjoy the Journey

Your first child is always a learning experience. Sure, we all went through the same things before, but it’s different when we are on the other side. We freak out when we have to potty train our children. We all ask, “When do kids start losing baby teeth?”

It’s normal. Your second child will be a whole lot easier. Until then, if you are looking for more parenting advice, make sure to check out other posts on our blog. 

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