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Why Do We Need An Eyelash Shampoo?

Many beginner lash artists believe that the secret behind long-lasting and striking lashes is the eyelash extensions themselves. While mink lash fans play a major role in the process, there is another essential lash tool that can help eyelash extensions hold stronger bond and have better retention. Introducing – shampoo for lash extensions! In today’s article, let’s explore what eyelash shampoo is, how it works, and the best lash shampoo available. 

What Are Lash Extension Shampoos?

Just as their name suggests, lash extension shampoos are cleansing tools that clean, polish and prep natural lashes. These products actually have double function: first, they are usually the first step in eyelash extension procedures, where they prep the natural lashes for extension adhesives. And second, lash extension shampoos are used in daily aftercare routines to remove excess oil and debris from eyelash extensions. Thanks to their foam formulas, lash extension shampoos are very easy to work with and can accommodate even the most novice of artists. 

How To Use Lash Shampoo?

Now, let’s explore how to use lash shampoos in your everyday practice. Shampoos for lash extensions work best when they are used alongside clean mascara wands. Begin this process by applying 1-2 small pumps of the lash shampoo onto a disposable wand. Next, gently approach the client’s natural lashes and begin massaging the lash area with the wand. Our goal is to remove as much excess oil and makeup residue as possible. After 15 to 30 seconds, the shampoo for lash extensions is ready to be rinsed with lukewarm water, or removed with a damp cotton pad. Your clients should feel extra squeaky clean following this lash cleansing step!

Lash Shampoos In Aftercare

We’ve just discussed how professional lash techs can use lash extensions shampoo in their salons, but what about the lash clients themselves? Lash extension shampoos are the most convenient way for lash lovers to maintain their beautiful extensions while avoiding unnecessary eye irritation caused by excessive buildup around the lash line. Inform your clients to use a similar principle when performing the lash cleansing process at home. 1-2 pumps of the foaming shampoo and a clean mascara wand are all that needed to perform daily aftercare routines. For maximum comfort, it’s better to cleanse the lashes in the evening before bed, so as to remove all the makeup products that were applied during the day. This way, our loyal clients can go to bed with fresh lash extensions! 

Best Lash Shampoos

Now, let’s see where we can invest in the best lash shampoo and find high-quality products that leave positive results. The Stacy Lash shampoo is a premium-quality foaming cleanser that is vegan and cruelty-free and does not contain fragrances and parabens. The gentle formulation of the Stacy Lash shampoo is easy-to-use at home and is the perfect product for lash technicians of all levels. 

With optimal packaging and a colorless formula that prevents eye irritation, the Stacy Lash shampoo removes skin residue, traces of body oils, dust, and makeup in just seconds! By helping prime the lash line, this foaming shampoo allows for better attachments between extensions and natural eyelashes, which ultimately results in long-lasting extensions that look beautiful even after weeks of application! The Stacy Lash shampoo can be applied with disposable wands or fingers and can be used 2-3 times a week or daily. Visit the Stacy Lash supply store to invest in your high-quality lash shampoo today and transform your eyelash extension routine tomorrow!  

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