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Zarina Hashmi, The Icononic Artist With The Unique Art

Zarina Hashmi was an American Indian artist who lived between 16, July 1937 – 25 April, 2020. She was popularly known as Zarina and was based in New York City.

Zarina Hashmi
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She was known for her creativity which extends into drawing, sculpturing and printmaking. She had an interest in Mathematics and geometry, she utilised these interests to be creative with her passion. Her work reflects the use of abstract geometric forms, this evokes an almost spiritual response from the viewer. 

Full name Zarina Hashmi
Year of BirthJuly 16 1937 (Aged 82)
Place of birthAligarh, India  
Residence before DeathNew York City
NationalityIndian American
ProfessionSculptor, Artist and Printmaker
UniversityAligarh Muslim University
Net Worth$5 million at death
Zarina Hashmi Biography

Zarina Hashmi Biography

Zarina Hashmi was born in Aligarh, India in 1937. She was born to Sheikh Abdur Rashid, faculty at Aligarh Muslim University, and Fahmida Begum, a homemaker. Zarina had an interest in Mathematics, she went ahead to study her interest in Aligarh Muslim University and graduated with honours in 1958. 

Zarina Hashmi Works & Art

She also dabbled into printmaking and studied the methods in Thailand and further advanced in Tokyo, Japan.

She was also an artist interested in drawing and sculpting.  There were claims her art was inspired by her passion for Islam. Her art was made with visual elements from islamic religious decorations. 

She made use of calligraphy in her art as a significant aspect of her work. Her art was visually striking but carried a deeper meaning. By making use of unique symbols in her art, it created a visual art that added more meaning and richness to her work. 

What Was Zarina Hashmi Famous For?

Zarina was famous for her intricately designed woodcuts and intaglio prints. She was also famous for her minimalist and abstract artwork. She used Islamic symbols and geometric elements to create art that pulled the strings of people’s hearts. Her unique way of creating art made her a figure of success that is still celebrated till now. 

Zarina Hashmi Age Before Her Death

Zarina was born in 1937 and died in 2020. She died at the age of 82. She was an icon that will forever be remembered in her field. 

Did Zarina Hashmi have Children?

Zarina didn’t have any children but regarded her sister’s children as her own. Her sister’s name was Rani. She and Zarina were close and Zarina saw her as a mummy while growing up together. 

Saima and Imran, Rani’s children, have always been very close to Zarina and fondly called her “Munni Ami,” which means “Little Mother”.

Before dying, one of Rani’s last wishes to her children was to make sure they took care of her sister, Zarina. The love shared between the two sisters was awesome. 

Before dying, Zarina spent most of her time in London with her niece, Saima, and nephew, Imran. She enjoyed spending time being surrounded by her family there, especially her great-grandniece, Shanaya.

Zarina Hashmi Net Worth

She accumulated a net sum of $5 million before she died. She earned this from her artworks. 


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