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10 Attractive Jewellery Wear That Can Add Beauty and Elegance to an Occasional Look

When choosing jewellery, there’s a lot of things to put in consideration. However, none of these factors is as important as the design. With a wide array of designs, it’s easy to lose track. However, take a minute to consider the following jewellery designs and designers when going on your next online fashion shopping spree:

Torchlight Jewellery

Torchlight jewellery is a free spirited jewellery type that was originally created through inspiration from the style of vagabonds and misfits. It is a jewellery design that takes some of the most reflective bohemian magic and translates it into some awesome accessories. A lot of moon pendants and precious headpieces have been made in this design, and you can get in on it too.

Bahgsu Jewels

If you have not yet has an encounter with the awesome design that is inherent in bahgsu jewels, then there’s no doubt that you will fall in love with it when you eventually do.  This jewellery design is one that has an unusual aesthetic design, being crafted with special respect for the environmental forces. For eco lovers and admirers of nature, this jewellery design is more than perfect.

Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney is a different type of jewellery designer. This brand exists like a muse, especially as it is able to draw influence from a wide array of sources and eras. The label provided jewellery that is imaginative, intricate, and even handcrafted. His, lovers will definitely appreciate this one.


ManiaMania provides jewellery that is designed with a moody and highly engaging concept that has been described as a mystical adornment that is worthy of modern times. When it comes to accessory labels, ManiaMania is one of the most talked about labels, and the quality with which they make their designs speaks volumes for why this is so. If you’ll love jewellery that is a story to tell, this is the choice for you.

Lili Claspe

When it comes to jewellery, Lili Claspe is a designer that makes jewellery that will have you smitten within an instant. The gorgeous designs are matched by awe-inspiring imagery, and that definitely serves to help their case.

Flash Jewellery

Flash jewellery is all about making awesome refinements. These people make jewellery that is beautiful, with a hint of rebellion. Bold and stylish, you can tell that these jewellery are designed for the strong and daring.

Fernando Jorge

Fernando Jorge is a jewellery designer from Brazil. He takes his inspiration from the relaxed and laid back attitude of his home country and uses this inspiration to design his works. His jewellery pieces are usually modern, timeless, and very alluring. They have the energy, sensuality, and movement that will blow your mind.

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