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Things to Consider This winter for a Sassy and Chic Look

We all have issues with maintaining a sexy and alluring look during the winter due to the changes that are usually made to our wardrobes during this period. However, the following tips might just be able to help you out:

The jacket will be necessary during winter

The whole point of changing your wardrobe during the winter is to ensure that you stay safe and warm. Well, nothing helps you to accomplish that goal more than a jacket. If you’re going to work, you can easily go with the usual feminine suits(and maybe add a jacket with it). However, when you have a late night dinner and you need to slip with your Forever 21 dresses and show some skin, then a coat might also come in handy. You can find Forever 21 discount codes online to help you save money on your orders.

Amp up the volume

We all have king-sized sweaters that make us look likewe’re drowning in cotton. Get one of those and pair it with a voluminous puffer and you have a combination that not only looks chic, but also works effectively against the cold. You can also occasionally ditch the pants and opt for a pair of tights and a set of statement boots.

Practice your color combination skills

During the winter, don’t be shy to do something a little bit daring. You can show off your edgy side by having a little fun with color contrasts. For instance, a pair of super saturated gloves will do pretty well when paired with a right fleece. The point here is to add a little creativity to your outfit, but you must also make sure to take note of things like excessive color saturation. Have fun, but also remember to keep it simple(especially if you’re dressing for work).

Have fun with proportions

One of the best parts of the winter period is the fact that you have the opportunity to play with proportions. Feel free to layer down a very over an oversized sweater or a button-down shirt over a leather jacket. You can pair this combination with a lovely pair of high waist pants and top the look off with a nice coat.

Too cold? Then load it all on

On days when the cold can be excessive, it is also possible for you to go all in with this layering game. Feel free to wear a coat over a vest and get a matching sweater to go with it.

Don’t just stop there, though.

Strap on a pair of leggings and combat boots. If you still don’t feel comfortable, then add a pair of gloves and a stylish hat.

The point of layering is to keep warm, but you also have to consider points in those days when it might get hotter. The best advice is just for you to layer with clothes that fit, and which won’t make you sweat excessively. The weather during the winter can be very unpredictable.

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