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10 Reasons to Get Solar, Charleston, SC

Are your utility bills draining your wallet? Perhaps power outages are becoming too costly to bear. Or maybe you’ve decided to opt for the cleanest, abundant, and renewable energy source.

Regardless of your motive, it’s time to get solar Charleston, SC.

Do you know more than 12 million US homes are using solar power today? More people are shifting to solar energy as they become aware of its numerous benefits. From saving on energy bills, tax benefits, and reducing your carbon footprint, there’re more than enough reasons to opt for solar energy.

Almost everything in your home uses electricity. From powering appliances, lighting fixtures, computers, mobile devices, and more. To ensure a constant power supply even during power outages, consider installing a solar power system in your home.

However, you can’t pull off the whole project on your own without background experience, can you? You need to hire a reputable solar installation company to install your home solar system and enjoy all the benefits. Also, remember solar companies are not created equal, and you must get it right when picking one.

Still wondering whether opting for solar energy is the right decision? Well, read more to learn 10 reasons for solar energy.

1. Less Impact on the Environment

Compared to alternative energy sources, using solar power in your home is definitely the most eco-friendly option. Using conventional power sources such as natural gases, oil, and coal has a major negative environmental impact. This includes the release of greenhouse gases, water, and air pollution, and other toxic wastes.

Also, when using conventional power sources, you need to refill the supply regularly when it gets depleted. The point is, these energy sources are not renewable.

Solar power is the ideal option if you are concerned about your impact on the environment. Also, it’s the ideal option if looking for an eco-friendly and renewable energy source.

The major reason solar has gained popularity is the increased awareness of the impact of traditional power sources. The best thing is, you aren’t late to reverse your impact on the environment by shifting to solar power. So, if you care about the environment and seek to reduce your carbon footprint, contact a local solar company to get you started.

Also, solar energy results in a cleaner atmosphere being a clean energy source. Apart from reducing pollution to the environment, a clean environment is good for our health. By shifting to a solar system, you opt for an eco-friendly and cleaner power source to make your home more energy-efficient.

2. Save on Utility Bills

One of the key reasons most people today are shifting to solar power is saving on utility bills. Regardless of the amount you use per month to pay for utility bills, rest assured to save with solar power. Well, after the solar system is installed, the solar panels will convert sun energy, a natural resource, to electricity.

This implies that you won’t be paying for anything unless maintenance or repair of the system is also rare. Also, keep in mind you are not limited to the amount of electricity you can generate from the sun. The only limit will be your system capability and your household power need.

With a solar system, you’ll thus significantly reduce your energy consumption costs. Imagine how it feels not getting monthly bills on electricity consumption. It might feel good, right?

Also, you no longer have to limit the amount of electricity consumed in your home, worrying about high electricity bills. Solar power can be used in water heating, cooking, ventilation, and lighting homes without worrying about utility bills. As far as the sun is there, you can have as much electricity produced as possible.

To note, the key reason most people shun solar energy is due to high upfront costs during initial installation. However, installing a solar system in your home will be a worthy investment with a high ROI. You’ll eliminate monthly electricity payments and save a lot in the long term.

3. Reliable Source of Energy

After installing a home solar system, you won’t have to rely anymore on electricity which can be unreliable. The solar panels will generate your own electricity from the sun’s energy and heat.

Also, most of the conventional energy sources such as natural gas and oil will be depleted at some point in time. However, as long as the sun shines and you have a solar system, you’ll never run out of power. You’ll always be assured of reliable, renewable power sources without monthly energy bills or power outages.

Apart from being an eco-friendly energy source, the solar panel will give you peace of mind knowing it will never run out. This can be especially crucial for those using critical medical devices at home requiring electricity to run.

4. Low Maintenance Costs

While most people tend to think home solar systems are maintenance intensive, this is not the case. Over their lifetime, solar panels will only need basic maintenance for optimal functionality.

Solar panels are very durable and will require little maintenance over their productive lifespan. When solar panels are installed, they can last for up to 30 years before replacing them. This means your investment will have paid off, and you’ll be enjoying significant savings.

If you have a solar system, all you need is to clean the accumulated dirt and dust a few times every year. However, you don’t have to do this yourself, as you can hire a professional to do the heavy lifting.

Also, depending on where you live, a reputable solar installer will offer a maintenance schedule. This ensures you know when and what maintenance works are necessary to keep the system in mint condition at all times.

If necessary, you can arrange with the solar installation company to handle maintenance. Here, the company will keep records and do the maintenance when necessary without you having to contact them.

5. Enjoy Rebates and Tax Incentives

What’s your major pushback to installing a home solar system? High installation cost, right? Well, are you aware that depending on your state, you can have the cost of solar installation reduced by up to 50%?

As the US federal government promotes the use of solar energy, there are many financial incentives. This is done to encourage and make it easier for homeowners to switch to solar energy as their primary power source.

In South Carolina, homeowners receive a 25% tax incentive coupled with a 30% federal tax incentive for installation costs. This makes South Carolina one of the most affordable states to install solar.

If you’re planning to install a solar system in your home, it’s imperative to consult an expert solar consultant first. You want to know all the financial benefits you are eligible for and how to get them.

6. Increase Home Value

As you install a home solar system to reduce your energy bills or carbon footprint, do you know you also increase your home’s value? Solar system installation is a huge investment that will reflect on the overall value of your property. This means you’ll fetch more if you decide to sell your home in the future.

When planning to sell property, homeowners will carry out major repairs and improvements to increase the sale price. However, very few will think about installing a solar system that can help increase property value significantly.

A solar system will be a strong selling point for your property, and this might also make your property sell fast. Homebuyers today are looking for energy-efficient properties, and your home will have met the criteria. If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, install a solar system to fetch top dollar on it.

7. Opportunity to Earn Some Money

Do you know you can earn money from your home solar system? Yes, you can make some money through net metering. This electricity billing mechanism allows consumers to receive credits. This is when homeowners generate excess power from their solar systems.

Thus, if your solar system generates excess electricity than you need, you can opt to send it to the power grid and be compensated. This helps to lower strains on the power grid, especially during the peak period of demand. Net metering has been adopted nationwide, but every state has its own regulations on credit to be received.

In South Carolina, homeowners adding surplus electricity to the power grid receive 1-to-1 credits. However, the rates paid and received will vary depending on the time of the day. For instance, homeowners will get higher credits for their surplus electricity during peak periods.

8. Performance Guarantee

Another major reason to install a solar system in your home is guaranteed performance. Most of the reputable solar installation companies, such as Blue Raven Solar, offer warranties to their customers. This serves as a guarantee that your solar system will serve you for years without any problem or hitch.

Some manufacturers will even offer a 25-year warranty period for their solar components. If any issue arises before the period elapses, then you are bound to receive free repair or replacement service.

However, keep in mind that not just any other solar installation company will offer such a warranty period. Prior to choosing a solar installation company, be clear-headed and understand what to check for. If you pick the wrong solar installation company, you miss extended warranty periods and waste your money and time.

An inexperienced solar installation company isn’t well versed with the installation procedure. This can result in an inefficient, poorly installed system that requires constant and costly repairs. This can significantly increase the cost of running your solar system.

It’s thus necessary to ensure you hit the nail on the head when picking a solar installation company. This will guarantee a smooth installation process and guarantee performance.

9. Economic Savings

As a homeowner, consider installing a solar system for economic savings. The sun offers an inexhaustible and renewable energy source not subject to market fluctuations. While the upfront cost during installation is high, the rapid amortization of the investment will offset it.

Also, solar energy is unlimited and infinite. It provides a continuous power supply without the need for extra maintenance or usage costs. With solar power, you’ll enjoy cleaner, renewable and natural energy source at a very low cost and without limitation.

In addition, solar technology is advancing every year, and even the high upfront costs are likely to lower. This will make solar energy more accessible to the masses in the near future.

10. Easy Installation

The solar installation process is easy and simple, and it may only take one day. However, the installation period will depend on panels size, the number of panels to be installed, and how complicated the process is. Also, the installation company you hire for the project will largely determine how long the process will take.

You can opt for a small-scale solar system to complement your electricity use if you are on a budget. After some time, you can opt to upgrade to a system capable of generating adequate electricity for all your household needs.

Also, you can have a solar system installed on your property regardless of where you’re located. This makes the solar system a versatile and flexible source of energy even in the remotest of locations without electricity.

Get Solar Charleston, SC

Installing a home solar system is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. However, to enjoy all the benefits of using solar energy, it’s vital to work with the right installation company. Carry out adequate research to establish the right company to meet your needs and budget.

Here are the major reasons to shift to solar Charleston, SC.

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