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5 Reasons Why Renewable Solar Energy Should Be Adopted Everywhere

In just the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42%. Solar is a popular renewable energy choice for homeowners and business owners who want to save on utilities.

However, there are a lot more benefits of renewable solar energy than decreased costs. Renewable energy should be adopted in all places for a variety of reasons.

Keep reading to learn five of them.

1. Emits No or Low Greenhouse Gases

Renewable solar energy is better for the climate because it emits little to no greenhouse gases. The use of fossil fuels for energy leads to a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

The negative impact of fossil fuels contributes to global warming. Even when you consider the full life cycle of solar energy technologies, greenhouse gas emissions are significantly lower.

2. Emits No or Low Air Pollutants

There are a lot of fossil fuel-based activities that result in elevated levels of pollution including industry activity, road transport, power generation, and open burning of waste.

Developing counties that use fuelwood and charcoal for heating and cooking also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Particles and other pollutants from fossil fuels can asphyxiate cities.

This alone causes premature deaths and costs cities billions of dollars.

3. Low Costs

The low costs of renewable energy like solar electricity can keep energy prices at affordable levels. Since renewable energy is produced in local areas, it is not affected by geopolitical price spikes, sudden disruptions, or geopolitical crises.

With Raven Solar, you can go green with $0 down and benefit from cost savings.

Because of the low cost, renewable energy is accessible to all homeowners and business owners. The costs continue to decline even as the new power generation technology advances.

In cities in the developing world, renewable energy is the best option for expanding energy access to all inhabitants.

4. Creates Jobs

Solar power and green energy methods can create more jobs to help build up the economy. Renewable energy investments tend to rely on materials and workmanship.

Together, these two things will help build and maintain facilities instead of spending money on costly energy imports. Renewable energy investments are often spent within the country and likely in the same town.

The money that citizens pay for energy stays in the area to create jobs and fuel the local economy.

5. It’s Resilient

Urban energy infrastructures become independent from remote sources and grids when they adopt renewable energy. Businesses and industries can invest in renewable energy to avoid disruptions making them a more resilient option.

Renewable Solar Energy: Is It Right for You?

Because renewable solar energy is so accessible, it is a great option for businesses and homes. When renewable solar energy is adopted everywhere, you will benefit and so will the climate.

With green energy, the world can expect low greenhouse gases and air pollutants, and resiliency. Plus, owners who opt for solar power options can benefit from low costs and a better local economy.

To learn more about budgeting for solar panels and other green energy options, check out the other posts on our blog.

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