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19 Backpacking in Europe – Places to Visit and Other Useful Tips

Europe is one of the most charming places for a backpacking trip. It has everything – bustling cities, quaint countryside, vibrant culture, and rich nightlife. Europe is the only continent where you can have breakfast in one country and lunch in another. 

You can plan your trip to see a bit of everything or plan for specific experiences. With so many possibilities, it can get overwhelming to plan. It is especially true if you are running on a limited budget. 

But do not worry, it is possible to have a great trip whatever your plan or restrictions are. We curated a list of useful tips for you to get started. You can also watch some great videos on travel to Europe on the Internet. 

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Where to Visit?

You can make unlimited itineraries to backpack around Europe. For a first-timer, the options can become overwhelming. To help you navigate this, we have compiled a list of different routes you can consider for your trip:

Northern Europe

The Northern Europe itinerary includes the charming United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. While the UK covers magnificent castles, Ireland will cover the amazing landscapes. 

This itinerary also includes Iceland and Norway. This addition will allow you to experience the stunning Northern Lights. Depending on which season to go to Norway and Iceland, you will experience 20 hours of night or 20 hours of day.

Southern Europe 

Southern Europe will introduce you to the Mediterranean charm. Visit picturesque Italy or roam in sunny Spain. Lay on the white sand beaches in Greece or sip sangria in the exquisite countryside of Portugal. Southern Europe will entice you with its warm weather, history, and music.

Eastern Europe

If you like beautiful architecture and history, you will love eastern Europe. Visit Prague and treat yourself to a live performance of Bach or Vivaldi. Visit Budapest and enjoy the famous Kürtöskalács or chimney cakes. Vienna will transport into a different time altogether with its food and music.

Western Europe

Head to Western Europe If you want to visit the Eiffel Tower and drink beer during Oktoberfest. Bite into a croissant and watch the fashionable Parisians go about their day. Or buy fresh cheddar cheese in Amsterdam and see Van Gough’s famous paintings. 

What to Pack?

The travel packing list for Europe is like any other regular backpacking list. But there are a few things that are unique about Europe that you should consider when packing:


In case your itinerary includes the UK and Ireland, pack for rainy weather. These countries have unpredictable weather, and it can rain at any time of the year. It rains most of the year here. 

If Southern Europe like Spain is on the list, know that the temperatures during the day can be quite warm. Eastern Europe is almost always cold and windy. The longer your itinerary, the more prepared you will have to be for different types of weather. 


Europe is very tolerant, and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. But if you want to be a Roman when in Rome, expect to see fashionable people everywhere. Europeans have a sharp sense of dressing, and everyone is always well put together. This aspect also makes Europe a great place to shop


The electrical setup in Europe is different from the rest of the world. Pack the right adaptor to avoid damage to your expensive laptops and phones. While we are on the topic of electronics, it is worth noting that Europe is not very device crazy. 

You will see many bookstores selling books and having cozy corners to sit and read. You will also notice commuters steal the few minutes on the train to read a few pages of a book. Enjoy this culture and reduce your screen time while you are there.

Shopping In Europe

No trip is complete without splurging on souvenirs and we are here to help you with a list of things you can buy. Each country in Europe has its own unique things to see and buy. But there are a handful of things that are so famous that not buying them would be a sin. 

When you are in Spain, buy a bottle of their sparkling wine. Known as Cava, you can find them in the many supermarkets. For the best quality Cava, head to Barcelona. 

Portugal will blow your mind with canned seafood. Name it and you get it in colorful tins. We recommend adding a few cans of tuna or if you are adventurous, eels to your shopping list. 

Do you know what Berlin is famous for apart from the Berlin Wall? Vintage fashion wear. Yes, for a small price, you can own a piece of exquisite vintage clothing that you can add to your collection. Here are two tips when you buy vintage clothing in Berlin — 1) The lighter the material, the cheaper it is 2) Have patience.

Amsterdam in spring is a riot of colors. Tulips are some of the most colorful flowers and you can buy seeds and bulbs to grow them at home. Amsterdam also has some great cheese shops if you are a cheese fan. 

You cannot leave Dublin without getting yourself a bottle of Guinness. Or a box of chocolate truffles from the famous Butlers chocolate. Pack some olives from Greece, and beautiful ceramics from Poland. While you enjoy all this, record a lot of videos and use YouTube video editor for easy editing. 

Have a Great Time Backpacking in Europe!

Everyone should have traveled through Europe on their bucket list. In fact, we do not think one trip does justice to the beautiful continent. Diversity makes every corner a unique place to stop and enjoy. If you only have one chance to travel there, plan to spend at least 3 days in each city. This will allow you to enjoy the important sights and take in the natural beauty of the place. This also leaves a little time to experience the vibrant nightlife and interact with the locals. 

Europe is a multicultural and multilingual wonderland. The sights, sounds, and smells of each place will captivate you. We ask you to be brave and soak in the culture while you travel. 

Step into a hammam in Istanbul or soak in a bathtub filled with beer in Prague. Sing “The Wild Rover” with the locals in a Dublin pub, or jump into ice-cold water for an Arctic polar dip in Norway. Bite into a delicious pizza in Italy or sunbathe in the white sand beach in Greece. 

No matter what you do or where you go, you will never go wrong in Europe. Europe is easy to travel, the people are some of the nicest in the world, and the weather is magical. Your trip will be something you will never forget in your life and remember to use InVideo to make your memories immortal on the Internet. 

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