The Best Activities for Travelers to Do in Diani Beach, Kenya

This summer, Kenya takes you on an epic adventure at Diani Beach. Fly to Nairobi on board Kenya Airways to have an experience of a lifetime. You have two flights in a week operating between Dubai and Nairobi. You can find the best deals on Economy Class online. 

The Diani Beach in Kenya allows you to engage in some exciting activities. Some of the best ones include:

  1. Dine in Style at Ali Barbour’s Cave

Experience a mesmerizing beauty at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, located in a naturally sculptured coral cave. The ancient cave, which is 10 meters below the ground, is without a ceiling and is open to the sky. Just so you have gourmet dinner under the star-filled night sky filled with heightened experiences, genuine hospitality, and exceptional service. The cave is over 120,000 years old and serves cuisines from different countries and seafood. 

  1. Check Out the Bora Bora Wildlife Park

The activities at Diani Beach are not limited to water-based ones; instead, it allows you to explore the Bora Bora Wildlife Park while staying at the luxurious tented camp. Being here, you can have close encounters with giraffes, particularly the Massai giraffe. You can feed them the leaves of acacia trees by hand with the help of a professional guide.

The other animals to watch at close quarters are zebras, wild boars, chelonians, peacocks, Sykes monkeys, yellow baboons, vervet monkeys, and Angolan colobus monkeys. You can enjoy staying in a luxury tent and dine at a restaurant offering Swahili dishes.

  1. Dive Among Beautiful Corals

You cannot miss watching remarkably beautiful corals and marine life at Diani Beach. There are numerous diving sites like Dzinani, Kinondo, Mwanyaza, Igloo, Galu, Alpha Funguo Wreck, Kisima Mungu, and Mwanamoji, which are just 30 minutes away from the seashore. You can find diving companies helping divers of any level, from beginner to advanced, have a great underwater experience.

You can come across a large number of yellow and blue-lined tuna, barracuda, and red-lipped triggerfish on some sites. There is also a chance to see lobster, moray eels, green turtles, and pelagic fish.

  1. Fish in the Deep Sea

As you know, the deep sea is full of adventures, which inspire you to go again. You can go deep sea fishing, for there are several service providers. Offshore fishing becomes exciting with conducive weather, navigational charts, and fishing gear. You can get rid of water phobia on the deep seas, where you can find big fish like sharks, tuna, marlin, and swordfish. Catching a big fish is challenging, and it is as exciting as it is being patient.  

  1. Explore the Sacred Forest of Kaya Kinondo

The Kaya Kinondo forest is a must-visit place if you are at Diani Beach. For centuries, it has been a sacred territory of the Digo people. You can explore this UNESCO World Heritage site to know about the ceremonies and beliefs of the people here. With the help of a guide, you can also learn about the medicinal plants and trees of about 187 species. The other attractions include a visit to the Digo village and a meeting with the spiritual healer.

  1. Watch Colobus

Located in Diani in South Coast Kenya, the Colobus Conservation is home to a barrel of colobus monkeys. These habituated monkeys reside within the boundary of the place, making it ideal for tourists to watch or for behavioral and ecological studies. You can have a guided eco-tour to watch primates like colobus, baboons, sykes, and vervets from near. 


  1. Try Kitesurfing

Diani Beach is the best kiting destination in Africa, with a crystal-clear lagoon and consistent wind. The Galu Beach in Diani is a destination for fun kiting, for it has a vast soft white sandy beach and shallow flat water, which is warm all year round. You can find some water sports centers here offering windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, surfing, and skimboarding. They offer you lessons on surfing, starting from basics like balancing.

  1. Ride a camel along the beach

You can experience watching the beachscape riding a camel along the coast. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the soothing wind and wonderful views of Diani Beach.

Take home the best experience of your visit to Diani Beach by flying Kenya Airways. With world-class facilities, a caring crew, and the best travel deals, you get a wholesome experience.   

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