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Get Repeated Exposure with Subway Advertising

Anyone who has ever ridden subways is well-aware of just how busy subway stations can get with all of the people constantly getting on and off the trains.

This makes these transportation locations for advertisers to tap into to have access to a captive audience that has the space-time in between their arrivals and departures to pay attention to massive advertisements. 

These intimate settings for movement are potentially surrounded by subway passengers, typically more comfortable as they gaze at ads for the duration of their ride, making subway campaigns high-visibility. 

Benefits of Subway Advertising

Subway advertising offers businesses a cost-effective option. It also doesn’t hurt that subways have a long list of customers that ride regularly between their homes, and their jobs can become very familiar with ads that they see many times each week.  

Advertisers have control over the high level of exposure based on how much advertising you select to have within the subway. Saturating a location with your advertising is completely possible if you have a marketing budget that can commit to it.

Imagine the chance to showcase the stability of your brand by taking over a whole subway car or even an entire section of a subway station by using all the available advertising space. This bold move can assist you with staying front and center in the minds of consumers for them to gain more awareness of your name and offering while giving you more reasons to learn more. 

Subway Audiences

Many times subway passengers are venturing out on the train, which means that they are already on their way to making purchases in the first place. With the time that they will have on the train or in the station waiting on their train to arrive, they could suddenly see your ad, and the idea pops in their head to visit your business while they are running errands. 

For subway travelers who have other reasons for their ride and don’t have all afternoon to go shopping, seeing your ad repeatedly is still beneficial. Maybe they have already gotten accustomed to seeing your ads all over the city, and they are reminded to inquire further about your products and services.

Picking the Right Routes

Along with deciding on advertisement design of subway ads, it is also important to know exactly where to advertise within a subway system as well to get enough repeated exposure. 

Some of the crucial factors that you need to know in advance are where the foot traffic will be the most heavily concentrated and the ideal within the city itself that has the best chance of getting your ads seen.

Putting your focus on the busiest subway lines and stations is important for your advertising, as well as posting subway ads that are at stations closest to your business to encourage people to visit directly. 

Get outside opinions when going through the consideration process to make the best choices to ensure that you will gain exposure to the right audience for your outdoor advertising to reach its full potential. 

Train Interiors

Subway advertising campaigns should take advantage of putting up ad posters that can go up on the side panels of trains, hitting passengers who are standing upright at eye level. 

But don’t forget about the passenger panels near the ceiling of a train for seated passengers to look at, which they will probably appreciate if they are trying to avoid making direct eye contact with fellow riders.

Train Wrapping

Train wrapping puts promotional imagery all over the exterior of trains that could be traveling underground and above ground through tunnels, expanding your coverage as riders get on and off, making room for new ones. 

Subway Stations

Train stations have numerous spots where subway advertising can attain a high volume of views with digital banners and static posters, allowing you to extend your advertising from station to station. 


Video clip inside the train. This marketing tool combines all the benefits of outdoor and television advertising. It is recommended for the promotion of any goods and services and the announcement of events, concerts, and exhibitions. It is possible to separate advertisements by train carriages and even undefined Choose specific advertising spots in each car. 

Posters on escalator vaults and track walls. This is one of the largest types of advertising in the subway. Creative posters, three by two meters in size, are well visible from anywhere on the platform and allow you to place maximum information. This type of advertising at metro stations is great for promoting places near the metro station.

Posters inside the cars. This type of advertising is possible in the format of stickers and posters. This placement is ideal for increasing the reach of consumer groups. And thanks to the long contact time, the consumer remembers the advertising proposal and easily perceives the information located on it.

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