Sexting and Safety: Is There Such a Thing?

The very nature of sexting makes it a potentially risky activity for a whole number of good reasons, but there are some golden rules that everyone thinking of engaging with someone else in this way should know.

As any experienced sex crimes lawyer will confirm, there are lots of scenarios that could easily get out of hand when sexting is involved.

Here is a look at some of the key rules of engagement that can make sexting as safe as is possible, all things considered.

It’s all about consent

The number one golden rule when it comes to sexting that needs to be implicitly understood is that consent always needs to be given before exchanging any images of a sexual nature.

It should go without saying that sending an unsolicited picture of your genitals, for example, is bound to be a potential violation of these ground rules. The recipient may well feel violated or even threatened to receive this image, even when there has been some sort of sexual interaction beforehand.

Permission to exchange sexting messages always needs to be obtained.

Go steady with the content in the beginning

In much the same way that you would normally develop a physical relationship, it makes a lot of sense to take things slowly and leave some suggestions up to the recipient’s imagination.

That is usually good advice even when you have already created some ground rules in the sexting relationship. Everyone has boundaries and it’s best to find those out rather than crossing them because if being in a hurry to accelerate the raunchiness of the content.

Ensuring continued consent

It is worth saying at this point that obtaining consent to exchange sexting messages is not a one-time event.

Check with the recipient that they are happy to receive more messages and are comfortable with what has gone on before this point.

Any hesitancy or lack of consent needs to be respected in order to avoid any potential issues.

Stay sober

Many of us have done or said things when drunk that we would not have when sober.

That is a message well worth taking on board when it comes to sexting.

You are far more likely to make a poor decision and land yourself in hot water if you engage in sexting when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Check your phone settings

Finally, it would also be a good idea to check that your text messaging settings are adjusted in line with your activities. Turning off the setting for previewing messages will mean that the sender’s name will appear without the text or the image.

Initiating a sexting encounter with consenting adults is something that can be done safely, provided everyone involved follows some sensible ground rules that allow the sender and recipient to be on the same page.

Sexting can lead to potential accusations and problems unless these golden rules are followed at all times. If and when boundaries are crossed, even unintentionally, that is when the activity can result in some serious allegations.

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