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5 Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Office Space

Going green is in right now, and for several good reasons. Making changes in your workplace can help save the environment and money at the same time. 

A sustainable work environment is one that conserves energy and operates with purpose and intention. 

So what tips should you consider when you’re trying to create a sustainable workplace? We’re happy to explain.  

Here are some points of information that you should know about creating a sustainable office for your business. 

1. Invest in Solar Energy

Going solar is one of the best decisions you can make when creating a sustainable workplace. This form of electricity takes sunlight and turns it into functional energy that you can use in your household. 

It involves installing panels on the roof that have a clear line to the sun’s rays. You’ll reduce your consumption of fossil fuels the moment that you decide to make the switch to solar power.  

A company like Blue Raven Solar can assist you when you’re interested in a new installation. 

2. Look Into Eco-Friendly HVAC Systems

When learning how to create a sustainable office space, you have to consider the Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system above almost anything else. 

Today’s most green-friendly HVAC systems use about 50% less energy than others. These HVAC systems have energy saver modes, work more efficiently, and come equipped with green-friendly technology. 

Switching to one of these HVAC systems will dramatically reduce your bills in the summer and winter.  

3. Create Outdoor Work and Recreation Areas

Think about your outdoor space as well when creating an eco-friendly office.

Exposure to natural sunlight makes you more productive and helps balance your body’s circadian rhythm. You can create outdoor areas for breaks, work, and more. 

Not only does this let you save on electricity, but you also help your employees get plenty of fresh air and reduce stress each day.  

4. Install Green-Friendly Bathroom and Water Fixtures

Consider your plumbing infrastructure whenever you set out to make sustainable changes. 

Public organizations and businesses use about 25% of the water supply in major metropolitan areas. Your office will continuously waste water until you look into plumbing that saves water. 

You can install low-flow toilets and sinks that respond to motion from infrared sensors. Preventing water waste will protect the planet while reducing bills and lowering your overhead costs.  

5. Recycle and Use Sustainable Items

Consider creating a recycling program in your office that you and your employees can stick to. This is a direct way for you to do right by the environment while instilling it into your company’s culture. 

Install some clearly labeled recycle bins throughout your office and work with a company that can take collections each week.  

Create the Sustainable Office That You Desire

The tips above will help you out when you’re interested in creating a sustainable office. Use these points so that you make your office more eco-friendly this year and beyond.  

Read our other posts when you want to learn more about creating an office culture, technology, sustainability, and so much more. 

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