3 Career Ideas for Naturally Empathic People 

Empathy is one of those personality traits which is not only nigh-on impossible to fake but also one which, if you are not careful, could be taken advantage of – both in a personal and a professional context.

So, whether you are looking for another job role that is more rewarding and satisfying or else are currently finishing high school and thinking about your career, then you have certainly come to the right place for inspiration. Continue reading to discover three career ideas for naturally empathic people. 

Freelance Writer 

Contrary to popular belief, not all people who are naturally empathic are extroverted in nature, and if you are somewhat of an empathic introvert with a natural aptitude for language, learning, and sparking meaning and emotion via writing, then you should look into becoming a freelance writer. 

There is a plethora of benefits to pursuing a career in writing, but it is certainly worth noting that you have to have a burning passion for writing and practically live and breathe it to make a career as a freelance writer a success.

The top benefits of being a freelance writer, even on a part-time basis, include:

  • A brilliant way to earn money on a flexible basis 
  • Diversity in subjects and genres
  • A good work-to-life balance
  • You can always say no; you are your own boss


Next, one of those careers that young children and teenagers always fixate upon for their dream career (although, interestingly, far fewer people pursue this as an adult) is that of a veterinarian. 

There are numerous specialisms within the field of veterinary science, which means that after your professional training and work experience, you could choose to start your open your own veterinary practice (or even take over an existing surgery) and work together with companies like Vetcelerator to take its operation to the next level. 

To even consider becoming a professionally qualified veterinarian, you will undergo an absolute basic minimum of seven years of training, so your dreams of opening your own veterinary practice come after an intensive amount of work and perseverance. 

Landscape Gardener

The third suggestion for a great career pathway that not only requires a natural aptitude for empathy, but fantastic communication skills, good timekeeping, and of course, a love for the outdoors, is a landscape gardener.

Unlike a freelance writer, whereby it considerably helps if you have literacy-related academic qualifications to support your career choice, and a veterinarian, for which study and research are mandatory, there are no such set prerequisites for becoming a landscape gardener.

What you do need to possess, however, is a passion for all things plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees as well as experience in garden and backyard design, so seeking out a local college that provides tutorage on such topics is advisable. 

There are numerous advantages to choosing this type of practical job role, not least because the designs and gardens you create will not only make your customers and clients happy but also mean you are literally shaping the world around you, bit by bit. 

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