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4 Simple Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your House Exterior

Are you tired of the dull and lifeless look of your house exterior? Look no further because this post has got you covered! It will share some easy yet impactful design ideas that will transform your house exterior into a stunning masterpiece. So, grab a cuppa, and let’s dive right in!

Start From The Top 

Starting from the top is a great way to spruce up any house exterior. Homeowners from all over the Windy City are hiring Chicago roof repair specialists to make sure their houses don’t just look great, but also stand firmly in place. Check for any shingles that need to be replaced and make sure all gutters are free of debris. Once you have taken care of the top, move down to the outside walls. 

Paint or stain them as needed, and be sure to check for any cracks in the siding that should be sealed. You can also consider adding shutters or planter boxes to give the house a more inviting look. If you have a porch or deck, make sure it is looking its best by power washing it and staining or painting it with weather-resistant materials. 

Focus On Colors 

Colors can be used to draw attention to certain features of the home and create an inviting atmosphere for visitors. They can also create contrast, accents, and highlights. A bright yellow front door can make a bold statement while pastel blue shutters can soften the look and give it a subtle vintage feel. 

Using colors that are complementary or in the same tonal range will help create a balanced look that stands out from other homes on the block. Accents such as trim can be painted in contrasting colors that bring attention to architectural features such as windows, doors, porches, and balconies. 

Refresh The Front Porch 

Refreshing the front porch can be a great way to spruce up a house’s exterior. Here are some suggestions 

  • improve the lighting 
  • add greenery
  • ensure comfortable seating 
  • repaint 
  • create pathways 
  • update window treatments 
  • upgrade your welcome mat 

With these easy updates, you can quickly create an inviting space that will make all visitors feel welcome!

Improve Your Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the best ways to spruce up a house exterior and create an attractive outdoor space. Start by assessing the current condition of your yard. Remove dead or overgrown plants and clean up debris. Consider planting low-maintenance shrubs, trees, and flowers that will provide year-round interest. 

Install a mulch border around the plants to keep them healthy and add texture to the landscape. Consider adding a garden pond or water feature for visual appeal and wildlife habitat. Add seating areas with benches or chairs so you can enjoy your landscaping from different angles. Finally, add lighting around walkways and in plant beds to show off your landscape at night. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to upgrading your home’s exterior. With a few simple design ideas, you can give your home a fresh look that will make it stand out from the crowd. From painting and replacing windows to adding lighting and landscaping features, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your home exterior and make it look more inviting. Investing in the right design elements can help you create a beautiful and timeless look for your home that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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