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5 Essential Updates That Boost Your Home Resale Value

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, you know that it needs to look its best. You want to attract potential buyers, boost your home resale value, and make the selling process as smooth as possible. But how should you prepare your home to ensure that you can sell it quickly — and for a good price? 

In the months leading up to the listing date, you’ll want to take action. Read on to learn about 5 essential updates that will increase the resale value of your home! 

1. Update Your Landscaping

The first thing people will see when they approach the outside of your home is the landscaping, so you’d be wise to invest some time and money into fixing it up. If your yard looks barren, map out some areas to bring in more warmth and texture. Look into adding some shrubs to soften the bottom edge of your home, for instance, or a few new trees.

Try some hydrangeas or boxwood plants to add a punch of color and shape to the front of your home. Or go with some arborvitae trees or traditional pines to provide privacy from neighbors and add definition to your yard. A plain expanse of grass can look pretty boring, so be sure to plot out some additions to your property and remove any dead trees or shrubs that look unsightly. 

If you’re selling your home during the spring or summer, add fresh mulch around the flower beds and a few potted plants to your front entrance for a bit of charm. And use some pavers to define edges of the landscaping beds for a more professional look.

And don’t overlook the sidewalks or pathways that run through your property. If the sidewalk out front is cracked and uneven, determine if it’s your responsibility or the city’s to take care of fixing it so you can avoid tripping hazards. While you’re at it, consider using brick or cobblestone as a replacement material for your front stoop to create a more refined presence.

2. Give Your Home’s Exterior a Facelift

Beyond landscaping updates, you’ll want to make some changes to the other parts of your home’s exterior, too. Ask yourself if your home looks dull, weathered, or dated. And investigate just how old the different components of the exterior are because it might be time to replace some of them.

How old is your roof? With the average cost of a roof replacement running up to $10,000, you can make a good impression by taking on that project before selling. It’s a lot to pay upfront, but you’ll put a potential buyer’s mind at ease by showing that they won’t need to take on the responsibility right after they move in.

Windows are another big component of your home’s exterior. Old windows decrease energy efficiency by letting in cold air during the winter months, and they can look dated or insecure. You’ll make a good impression on potential buyers if you can tell them that your home already has new windows.

Work with window companies like Renewal by Andersen of Denver to upgrade and install new windows before you list your home. Aside from windows, you also can look into sprucing up your exterior with a new patio door or front door if you’re trying to keep costs down. In any case, new windows and doors will let your home shine!

Is your siding cracked, or is your brick color boring? Make sure you bring in the experts to replace warped siding or add a fresh coat of paint to dated bricks. You want your house to ooze curb appeal, and you’ll position yourself to boost your resale value with some changes.

3. Tackle the Interior to Improve Home Resale Value

When a potential buyer walks into your home, you want them to be impressed by the colors, details, and spaciousness. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to color schemes and decor choices when you’re prepping your home for the market. While the exterior of the home is what people see first, the interior is where they will spend most of their time — so it needs to look good.

If your home is full of drab beige walls or outdated wallpaper, consider investing in some cosmetic fixes. There’s nothing like using a fresh coat of paint to elevate the beauty of a space. Adding new paint inside your home is a relatively simple way to accentuate crown molding and hardwood floors — and ultimately to enhance the appeal of your home.

Coordinate wall colors that match your furniture to ensure a harmonious look. Or stick with warm neutrals to create a rich and inviting space where anyone can envision themselves living. Avoid bright and flashy colors that might push people away, and stay away from using too much pattern if you go the wallpaper route. 

Even if you live in a small space, you can do some quick updates that make the home feel bigger inside. Start by decluttering and putting non-essential items in storage, selling those items, or giving them away. Hang a few fun mirrors to help extend the space, and remove at least some of your personal photos to keep walls cleaner.

4. Add on to Your Home for More Space

If you have the budget and the time, consider adding on to your home to increase its footprint. While significant home renovations do cost more money, you can get a good return on your investment if you do them right. Bathroom and kitchen facelifts or additions are among the most common and effective remodeling projects , but any room that could use some attention is a good choice. When it’s time to remodel your home office, you need reliable professionals like KBF Design Gallery.

Kitchens are the centerpiece of most homes, so you want yours to be memorable. For smaller and less expensive projects, consider upgrading your cabinets or painting old ones. Another way to enliven your space is by opting for some fresh hardwood flooring or textured laminate for a modern feel.

For a bigger overhaul, make your kitchen bigger and introduce a center island, new exhaust fan, granite countertops, and updated appliances. Homebuyers will love walking into a fresh kitchen that doesn’t require any work on their part.

You can also gain value by adding another bathroom, particularly if you only have one. Similarly, expanding your master bedroom to include higher ceilings and a walk-in closet will make it into a true retreat.

Another way to increase value? Build the backyard vacation space that homebuyers will love by adding on a deck or patio. Map out your budget to see what’s possible, and talk to different contractors to figure out the right solution for the best return on your investment. 

5. Upgrade the Heating and Cooling Systems

The systems that make your home a comfortable place to be can become a huge expense if they need to be replaced. A savvy buyer probably will want to know the status of your HVAC system. You’ll stand a better chance of making the sale if you can assure that person that your systems are on the newer side and in good shape.

An HVAC system includes your heating and air conditioning units, and there are many things that can affect how long they last. An air conditioning unit should provide up to 17 years of service, but that’s assuming it gets a normal amount of use and receives proper annual maintenance. Especially if you’re trying to flip houses in a warmer climate, make sure your AC unit is in good condition. 

Heating systems, which include furnaces, also should last close to two decades. Hire a repair technician to check out your furnace and see if it needs new parts or cleaning. You need to know the state of your heating and air conditioning systems so you can determine if you need to upgrade or fix these machines before you list your home.

And prior to showing your house, check the filters in your HVAC system. If they are old and dirty, you could have some dank and unpleasant air on your hands. Be sure that the air quality is clean and refreshing any time someone visits your house for a showing.

Boost the Value of Your Home

When it comes to boosting your home resale value, updates are everything. You don’t have to bust your budget with significant changes, but you do need to put some thought into smart modifications. Figure out what you can afford, and don’t be afraid to call the experts for some assistance or perspective.

With a little planning and some smart home renovations, you can increase the value of your home. To find more tips on home design trends, check back for fresh and informative articles!

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