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Important Signs Your Drains Are More Than Blocked

Damaged drains can be a huge source of worry and disruption, not to mention just how costly they can be. With damaged drains comes potential health risks, too, with the danger of bacteria. That’s why it’s extremely important to deal with any drainage issues as they come up.

But, how do you know when there is a problem? Below, we look at a few signs your drains could be damaged. Whenever you think there may be something wrong, be sure to get in touch with your local drainage company right away.

  1. Sewage Backing Up And Drains Battling To Drain Properly

The very sign that your drains are damaged is usually that they don’t work the way they should. Slow drainage may mean your drains are blocked, but it can also be a sign that a pipe has collapsed. The backup of sewage is also a big red flag that there is a serious problem.

  1. Unpleasant Smells

Odours emanating from your drains could be an early warning sign that a pipe is damaged. You might smell sewage outside or close to the drains or even inside your home. If this carries on, even after the pipes are thoroughly cleaned, it could indicate that the drain has incurred structural damage.

  1. Mould And Damp

Damage to your drainpipes could mean that water movement is so badly inhibited that water starts flowing around the pipe. If your drain has collapsed underneath your home, it could result in mould and damp on your walls and floors, which can also bring a host of health risks.

  1. Structural Damage, Subsidence And Cracks

 If your damaged pipe lies underneath the building’s structural points, cracks might actually appear in the building, for example in your walls and across your floors. This only usually happens when a collapsed drain isn’t dealt with for a period of time.

If your drain lies underneath concrete, like under your garage floor or driveway, you might spot cracks in the concrete. If the drains are not seen to as soon as possible, the cracks will reappear or worsen over time. What’s more, a collapsed pipe can make the ground around it start to subside or sink. If this happens, it’s a sure-fire sign that the pipe has been damaged for quite some time.

An extra lush or green patch of grass is also a warning. That’s because leaking sewage fertilises the grass.

It’s important to have blocked drains attended to before they become damaged and costly to repair. With damaged pipes, you won’t just have to account for the pipes themselves, but any surrounding damage to your property and structure.

The moment you suspect something is wrong with your sewage system is the moment you should get in touch with your drainage company. Better yet, make sure you regularly have your drainpipes professionally cleaned and maintained to avoid costly problems in the future.

You’ll know a damaged drain when it occurs, just compare the symptoms to the above signs!

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