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Up Your Mini Golf Fun With These 5 Tips

There are few activities that you will adore as much when you are 5 years old as when you are 14 years old and again at 35 years old, but one that will certainly hold fond memories that you’ll want to recreate time and again is mini golfing.

Not only is mini golf a fun date night plan, but it’s also ideal for teenagers birthdays, a free school day off for elementary-aged kids, a great go-to when relatives are visiting, and many more occasions.

But, while mini golf fun will last for decades, what can you do today to up the ante and make it an even better experience during your next trip to the course?

Here are five tips to enhance your mini golf fun at any age:

1. Partner Up

Your certain to have a grand time during your next mini golf outing no matter if there are two or six people in tow, but groups can bring even more fun to the table.

If you want to go on a mini golf date, for example, invite another couple to join. Then pair up with your loved one and compete for the W. Not only will you share fond memories with friends and avoid talking about something other than the kids and work, but it’ll force you to communicate together and work as a team to achieve a singular goal. It’ll get you back to relationship basics and maybe even have you reminiscing about the first time you had this much fun together.

If, instead, you decide to make mini golf a family affair, split up and compete parents versus siblings. You might find your two sons who are normally rustling and teasing each other at every turn are actually working together. Admire their strategy and kindness as they pull their strengths in an attempt to beat you (as if that’s even possible).

  1. Pick the Best Course

No matter where you decide to play mini golf you’re sure to have a great time. But one way to up the fun is to select the best nearby course. Look around for one with a drawbridge, water feature, windmill, castle, or other challenging bogies to up the ante. Or choose one that has a theme like Arctic Adventure and Memory Lane at Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila.

You should also look at the length of the course. If you want to speed through it rather quickly as you know your 7-year-old and her friends don’t have the attention span for a long game, then go for a nine-hole course. But, if you really want to find a day-filled activity, then the preferred 18-hole course is best for your group, which is what you will find at Bullwinkle’s

  1. Throw Out the Score Card

 If your kids are constantly battling for your attention and the rights to whose the best at fill-in-the-blank here because everything is a competition, then make mini golf fun again by throwing out the scorecard.

It’s shocking, I know, that not everything has to be a competition, but if not keeping score will encourage your kids to cheer one another on and remain civil throughout the activity, then it’s definitely worth it.

And if you’re the one who revels in competition, keep a quiet tally for yourself and boast to your partner, friends, or on Twitter that you totally won the day at mini golf. Just shhh, don’t tell the kids.

  1. Make Up Your Own Rules

If you want to play a traditional round of mini golf then you’ll want to tally up the number of taps on the golf ball it takes to get in into each hole. If you get a strike, then that’s one. If it takes two swings, then two. Later, at the end of the course, you’ll add up the total and cross your fingers that it’s the lowest in your group. If the expected number of swings is listed at the hole, you can also aim to get a score under par (under the expected number of swings).

But, just because these are the “rules” doesn’t mean that’s how you have to play. Work as a group to make up your own rules or try getting the ball in the hole in an unconventional way like rolling it with your hand or hitting it like you would in a pool. Or, play some rounds of the course with your non-dominant hand.

Yes, there is a traditional way to play mini golf, but you can certainly change things up to make the outing even more memorable.

  1. Place a Wager

 While we don’t condone gambling to up your mini golf fun, consider placing an innocent wager with your teammates. This will provide added incentive to stick with the game and really try your best.

Siblings, for example, might bet one another to do chores. Maybe the winner doesn’t have to help clear the table after dinner. Or, kids might wager for 30 minutes of added screen time for the day.

If you’re with your friends, bet a round of coffees after the game or a ride to school next week so they don’t have to take the bus. Or, if you’re on a date, maybe the winner gets to choose the next date spot and the loser has to pay.

The idea with the wager is to walk away with more than bragging rights, but also something you can just about later, not something that will leave anyone with hard feelings, so keep things light; it is mini golf after all.

Mini golf is a timely activity that is fun nearly all year long so why not grab the kids or call up your mates and make a plan for next weekend. You know it’ll be a fun time!

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