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Common Issues That Arise During a Home Roof Repair

On most days of the year, you’ll wake up and never once think about the roof over your head. You don’t need to because it’s there doing its job; it’s keeping you safe and dry. But things can quickly change.

What appears to be out of nowhere you notice a discoloring on your ceiling. Or, perhaps you drive up to your house after work and see that a few shingles are missing. Suddenly, you have to find time in your day to research a good roof repair company in your area to come to take a look at the situation. What will they find?

Here are some of the most common issues that arise during a home roof repair:

  1. Faulty Installation

While many roofing companies provide repair services, like most any other home repair services, you’re going to often get what you pay for.

Since roof repairs can become quite costly, especially if it was something unexpected that happened at a particularly bad time, it’s a normal reaction to want to go with the company offering the low quote. The issue is that it’s not uncommon to see situations arise prematurely because of faulty installation.

It’s essential to make sure that the company you select has a good reputation and product and labor warranties, and is licensed, bonded, and insured. Then, if something does go awry, you will be protected by a reputable company that has the financial ability to not only still be in business years later, but stands behind its work.

  1. Leaks

Your roof is exposed to the elements. It will experience intense sunshine, dramatic rainstorms, and falling debris like tree branches and leaves. It undergoes a lot and should be constructed of a quality material that can withstand this kind of beating for many years. But, even the most durable shingles will fade over time, so you might not immediately notice that anything is amiss.

Each of these is indicative of a leak.

Hopefully, you can catch the problem early and just a few shingles need to be replaced. Other times, the situation is much more problematic and calls for a complete roof tear-off.

Leaks are very common and a top reason people call for roof repair.

  1. Tree Damage

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with year-round greenery and wonderful tree landscaping. It’s a bright spot on the many dreary, rainy days and allows us to get through the wet season without going too stir crazy. However, trees, like roofs, can hide dangers.

They can become weakened by disease, mold, and pets without you ever knowing until it’s too late. Unfortunately, you and your neighbors won’t always be able to recognize that a tree isn’t healthy and parts or all of it might just come crashing down on your roof in the next storm.

This is so common, in fact, that it’s another top reason that homeowners end up calling for roof repair.

  1. Gutter Issues

Roofs and the surrounding gutters need to be maintained. In particular, it’s very common for leaves and other debris to end up on the roof and then roll into the gutter. If this happens enough times without the proper care then you’ll end up with overflowing gutters.

You might be thinking that doesn’t sound so bad, but overflowing gutters commonly lead to mold and mildew growth both within the gutter and spreading to the low lying shingles. Now, not only do you have a gutter problem, you have a roof problem.

If you are not personally going to clean off your roof and thoroughly clear out your gutters a few times each year, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional to perform your roof maintenance in order to avoid a roof repair.

  1. Damaged or Missing Flashing

Flashing is galvanized or painted sheet metal made of aluminum, lead, or copper that acts as a protective barrier that prevents water from penetrating through to your ceiling. It is placed under shingles and prevents leaks, particularly in vulnerable spots like at joins and near skylights.

Unfortunately, if your roof flashing is damaged or missing due to a natural event, age, faulty installation, poor quality, or reused materials, it will put your home at risk for leaks. Since there are so many reasons why you could have an issue with your flashing and it is such an important component of your roof system, it is a common problem that is seen by roofing companies.

Your roof is not often something you have to think about and that’s a great thing! Most days it will silently protect you and your family from the elements while it takes a beating and holds up like a glove. But, a keen eye and regular care are necessary to avoid issues, as well as spot common problems early on.

Unfortunately, ignoring a roofing problem will not make it go away and will only get worse and more expensive to fix. So, stay on top of your roofing needs and reach out to your local professionals when necessary.

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