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5 Impressive Benefits of Wearing Vegan Shoes

Have you ever considered the benefits of vegan shoes?

Most people only associate veganism with what we eat, but you can actually apply it to large swaths of your life. Even your wardrobe can be completely free of animal products and today we’re going to be talking specifically about vegan shoes.

Many shoes on the market contain at least a little bit of leather, with most typical dress shoes and heels being comprised predominantly of it. But, they don’t have to be.  Nagaba Vegan shoes are more popular than ever, so we’re going to tell you some of the benefits of making this switch.

1. Vegan Shoes Are Animal Friendly

Obviously, the number one benefit of wearing vegan shoes is that they’re animal friendly. Where most other shoes contain an abundance of leather or other animal-based fabrics, as well as certain animal-based glues, vegan shoes contain no animal products or products that were tested on animals.

With this knowledge, you can take pride in the fact that no animals were hurt in the making of your shoes. The more people that wear vegan shoes, the less demand there will be for shoes made with animal products and designers will be forced to adapt to this change.

2. They’re Eco-Friendly

Big name brand shoe companies contribute a great deal to the problem of sustainability and global warming. Vegan shoes are almost always eco-friendly in the production of their products, keeping as low a carbon footprint as possible, while most shoes are made in factories.

Leather factories, in particular, create huge amounts of toxins that leak into the environment and harm both plants and animals.

3. They Last Longer

Leather shoes tend to wear out quickly in the elements, whereas vegan shoes tend to use stronger materials that are more weather-resistant. Typical vegan shoe materials are things like recycled rubber, cork, bio-based polyurethane, goretex, and hemp. Not only do these substances breathe, but they’ll keep your feet warm and dry for longer than normal shoes.

4. They Look Better for Longer

Because they’re made from more durable materials, they’re also going to look better for longer.

We’ve all had issues with leather shoes getting wet and deforming over a short period of time. When winter weather comes, leather becomes salt stained and eventually too stiff to wear comfortably, on top of looking worn.

5. They’re Cheaper

You can get cheap leather or suede shoes, but they’re going to be much better quality when you spend money on them. Unfortunately, good leather is getting more and more expensive because of how we’ve endangered certain species.

The best thing about vegan shoes is that they’re made from recycled, and often cheaper, materials. That means your shoe collection won’t cost thousands of dollars to maintain; it’ll be cheaper and you’ll barely ever have to replace anything. Check out this vegan shoe guide to find your perfect pair today.

Make the Switch to Vegan Shoes

These are just 5 benefits of wearing vegan shoes but once you buy a pair, you’ll find out even more. Get yours today and you’ll never have to think about where your shoes came from again.

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