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Commercial Solar Panels: A perfect Cost-Saving solution for your business

Solar Power

As we all know, solar power is energy that is generated directly from the sun. Solar power is also a renewable source of energy that won’t run out and is completely free to use for everyone around the world to share. The sun’s energy could power the entire world if we used the correct resources!

Solar panels for your business

By moving to solar power businesses can reduce their spend on energy and draw power from solar panels instead. This will greatly reduce your costs of operation on a daily basis. In addition to this, you can obtain some amazing incentives from the government to install solar panels.

This is because your business will be using eco-friendly technology and have installed new commercial solar panels. Moving away from using traditional sources for energy and for power is rewarded by the government due to the negative effects they have on our planet.

Although solar panels can be quite costly upfront, these ‘rebates’ and incentives are designed to help make solar power more affordable for business. You will also notice that you are saving a considerable amount of money once you have installed your solar panels.

After a few short years and you will make back the money that it cost you to install the panel at your property.

Why should you get solar panels for your business?

Since you are no longer consuming most of your power from the grid, you will notice your electric bills are going to be dramatically decreased each month. Businesses should be able to see their cash flow free up each month, in which they can reinvest in profitable areas of the business. If your business has high electricity bills each month, you will be able to see saving straight away.

Another great factor (due to the latest technology) is that solar panels can still produce energy even on cloudy days. Energy is actually created through UV light, which can penetrate through clouds and be harvested by your solar panels. Although they will not generate as much power as on a sunny day, businesses can still see big savings from their panels when it’s overcast.

Regardless of the size of your business it’s safe to say commercial solar panels will help you out. If you have a certain goal or aim before you commit to installing solar, you can look into different solutions to help you reach them. For those businesses looking to significantly reduce (or totally eliminate) electricity costs then its best to look towards a large system.

Others may just want to reduce their business operational costs which is a great place to start with solar. Once you have slashed your operational costs you will begin to see the return on investment from your solar system. It’s best to understand your goals for wanting solar before you commit to buying panels.

There are countless benefits for installing solar panels at your business property. We are going to run through the main ones we feel are most significant!

Solar rebates (incentives) provided by the Government

Without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the biggest benefits towards installing commercial solar panels. Who wouldn’t want to get a massive discount for something that is already going to help your business! Any government rebates that are provided are extremely popular with businesses and really help by making solar much more affordable. Business owners can really take advantage of these solar rebates to help reduce the high upfront cost of solar panel installation. It definitely gives a lot more motivation for people to move towards solar and is a massive benefit as well.

Generate clean, renewable energy

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power. When you have them installed at your business, you will be generating and using this clean, green energy instead of pulling it from the grid. Any energy that is produced by the grid will mostly be generated through burning fossil fuels and creating greenhouse gases. By using your own clean energy you are no longer contributing to climate change, and instead taking a stance for climate action! You may even see a positive reaction from your community in which they support your change and help promote your business through word of mouth.

Reduce your operational costs

Reducing your operational costs is a dream for all business owners. The less you can pay to operate your business the better. Well, this is exactly what solar can give you! You will not be spending as much money on power bills each month which significantly reduces your operational costs. Any businesses that use a lot of power to operate then solar panels are a no brainer. You might even be able to reduce your operational costs by as much as half! This is again one of the most popular and common benefits for installing commercial solar panels.

Increases the value of your business

Due to the high costs of solar panels, once they are on your business then your business assets and value will increase. This is one of the best benefits of commercial solar…. simply because you are seeing even more growth in your business once you have invested. It’s easy to see solar panels as an investment into your business as they will become one of your biggest assets. Once you have started to slash your bills, you can also reinvest any savings from solar back into the areas of your business that are most profitable.

Opportunity to sell back any excess solar to the grid

It almost seems pretty crazy to say it…. but businesses could even sell any excess energy that is produced by their solar system, back to the grid for cold hard cash! This is another big benefit for commercial solar, and it can be seen as a very wise investment. If you have a goal of producing enough power to sell then its best to look into a large system and make sure you have enough space for it. It’s a great opportunity for small businesses to earn a little bit extra on the side as well thanks to the government’s Feed-In Tariff incentives.

Low-cost maintenance

Commercial solar panels are easy to maintain. Once they have been installed it’s rare that any issue will happen in the near future. Even so, you should have a rather large warranty of 15-20 years on your solar panels. If something does happen, you can get them fixed quickly and still under warranty. Also, you can get your solar panels cleaned once every few years to keep them at optimum performance. Apart from this, you can just sit back and let your solar panels do all the hard work for you!

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