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5 Outdoor Patio Upgrades to Invest in This Year

An outdoor patio can add somewhere between 8 and 10 percent to the value of your home. But that’s only if it’s well designed and well maintained.

Repair costs less than a few thousand dollars on average but can land you returns of near 500 percent at sale time. However, not all renovations are created equal. There are certain outdoor decor trends you need to consider. Investing in affordable yet quality materials will also help you see a greater return.

Read on to learn what’s worth sinking your money into for patio refurbishments.

1. Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

Entertaining in the post-COVID era is all about making your home a place you want to spend time in. And that includes making sure your outdoor spaces are as comfortable as possible. It’s time to get rid of those cheap plastic chairs and upgrade to something classier.

Look for furniture made from attractive hardwoods or weather-proofed metals with fabrics and cushioning made from durable, water-resistant fabrics. For example, quality brands like Harbor Classic offer patio furniture made to last.

2. Cover It

A simple paved patio is wonderful on balmy summer evenings when the climate is fair. But what if you want to enjoy your patio in the middle of the day or when it’s raining?

Covering your patio provides shade from the sun’s harsh rays and shelter from the weather. You could even include screening to keep those pesky mosquitos away.

If you haven’t already explored pergola or roofing outdoor patio ideas, it’s time to get some quotes from local contractors.

3. Extend Your Outside Time

Do you want to use your patio well into the late autumn or even the winter? Consider adding some season-extending products to create a warm, cozy space.

Invest in an outdoor patio heater. Add a fire pit. Adorn the paving or concrete floor with some stylish outdoor patio rugs.

4. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

With the pandemic and rising food costs, Americans are cooking at home more than ever before.

If you’re ready to make a heady investment in your outdoor space, why not take your culinary expertise outside? Outdoor kitchens can be as simple or as fancy as you need (or want)—from a simple, single BBQ grill and a sink to a full-on custom kitchen replete with a pizza oven, cabinets, refrigerator, and more.

5. Go Smart

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor space, equip it with the sort of technological innovations you use inside.

Get an amplifier to boost your outdoor WIFI signal. Install smart outdoor patio lights you can turn on and off, dim, or change color using your phone. Install an irrigation system fitted with a garden timer to ensure your patio greenery always looks lush without any effort from you.

Creating the Outdoor Patio of Your Dreams

Don’t skimp on quality fixtures and furnishings if you’re looking to improve your outdoor patio pre-sale or just for your family to enjoy more.

Those on a budget should shop around online to find the best deals or look for secondhand items on Facebook Marketplace or local thrift stores. Whether you’re keeping the items yourself or handing them over to the next owner, you want them to last.

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