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Top 5 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Utah is the state with the highest marriage population in America, followed by Idaho and Wyoming. No matter where you live, though, marriage is prevalent, and weddings are finally going back to normal as post-pandemic life opens up.

If you are planning your wedding, you may be looking for wedding hairstyle ideas for long hair. 

It’s important to find the perfect hairstyle for you, and we can help in this endeavor. Keep reading for five hairstyle ideas that will keep you feeling pretty on your special day. 

1. Braid Crown

A braid crown is a staple for an outdoor wedding, and it gives you so much diversity to work with. You can have the benefit of having a half up and half down look, and you can do with it whatever you want.

If you want a more chic and sleek look, you can straighten the part of your hair that is down and add lace or gems to your braid, ensuring it is done neatly. 

If you are looking to have more of a boho wedding, add waves to hair that is down, and create a messy braid crown, focusing on adding volume. You can add leaves or foliage to your crown, which will give you the fairytale look you’re going for. 

2. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves is one of the best hairstyle ideas because it will compliment just about anyone. It is the perfect contrast to a more dramatic dress, as it gives you a more casual, carefree wedding look. 

A middle part is perfect for a daytime wedding, or do a far side part for an edgy nighttime wedding. 

3. Woven Curls

Woven curls is a beautiful wedding hairstyle, as you can weave what you want into them to match your wedding aesthetic. Elegant flowers or pearls twisted into long curls will make any wedding more magical. 

You can keep your hair down or pull back the top to add more dynamics to your outfit. 

4. Side Swept 

Side-swept is the best hairstyle for someone that wants something simple yet elegant. You can curl your hair first and swoop it all to one side, add some waves, or keep it straight. 

No matter how you style your hair, sweeping it to the side and adding a vintage pin or gorgeous accessory will complete your entire look. 

5. Glam Ponytail 

When searching for the perfect bridal hairstyle, you cannot look over the glam ponytail. This is all about adding volume and going as dramatic as you want. 

Try These Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle ideas for long hair is essential, especially when it comes to your wedding. Make sure you find a hairstyle that you feel good in, and one that fits your wedding dress and aesthetic. 

No matter what you choose, it’s all about enjoying your special day, so find a hairstyle that lets you do just that.

We have tons more wedding-related content on our website, so browse through our articles today! 

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