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These 6 Facial Features Will Show Signs Of Ageing First

Beautiful and healthy skin is the reflection of your overall health, and striving to get the skin free of wrinkles and lines is definitely worth it. Skin is the first area to show the visible signs of aging and this is conditioned with lower amounts of collagen which decreases with the time passing. There are some skin-related factors that can accentuate the early signs of aging and this is mainly related to genetics. Also, healthy life choices, as well as a good skincare routine, can give you positive results and make your skin more radiant, juvenile, and healthier. For you to make better use of these benefits, there are 6 facial regions that will show you early signs of aging. 


Progressive aging will, unfortunately, manifest in all the facial areas and it usually starts with the forehead. The main cause of this is intensive frowning and the heavy and deep wrinkles tend to show themselves. The bony structure outline and supraorbital rims become more pronounced and this is mainly because of the lower function of the blood vessels in the facial features. Consequently, decreased circulation in the face, as well as low collagen production, are the main causes of premature skin aging. Our facial musculature, including facial expressions, as well as fullness is responsible for fine lines and deep wrinkles. Also, in youth, a certain kind of fullness in the forehead neutralizes the effect of facial expressions. Since this fullness and elasticity of muscles disappears with age, there are lines, wrinkles, and folds appearing on the skin surface, tracing the lines of the forehead bone. 

Mouth Area 

The next area that shows the early signs of aging definitely is the area around your mouth while showing those annoying fine lines around your lips. These lines are formed when you purse your lips together and the main cause for this is the decreased volume in that area leaving the skin without elasticity and necessary fullness for maintaining the original lip shape. An effective way for eliminating these lines is lip line treatment that shows a positive effect giving back a natural and full appearance to your lips. Another important aspect of bringing back the fullness to your skin is proper hydration which stimulates collagen production. 

The Eyes 

When it comes to early indications of aging, the region around your eyes is the most troublesome since it passes through several phases, starting with soggy and weary eyes, unpleasant eye bags, dark circles, and finally deep and permanent wrinkles, giving your face a ten to fifteen year older appearance. To be more specific, upper and lower eyelids will develop a sort of excess skin that will make it drop, while our lower lids will develop bags or will increase in fatty tissue. 

Facial Expression 

With skin aging, the entire facial structure tends to change giving our face an unrecognizable look. Have you ever wondered why the face without its usual fullness and volume looks expressionless and blank? Scientifically speaking, when talking to other people, we tend to be expressive and animated which gives our face radiance and an upbeat appearance. The thing is that how we behave with our face is a huge factor in how old we look. So, being more expressive and not having a dull look on our face can prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles and our entire face aging. 

Volume Loss 

Over time, the face tends to lose fatty tissue and collagen which makes our face look as if it is slowly melting away. For most people, with decreased fatty tissue in the cheeks and face overall, the face has a more angular and chiseled appearance, which tends to show off the bone structure of the face and henceforth creates more wrinkles and increases the depth of nasolabial folds. 

Tissue Sagging 

Our skin does not only change its appearance but texture and structure as well. Over time, our skin loses flexibility and elasticity because of numerous factors such as gravity. The same influences and factors have an impact on the tissue underneath our skin, eventually making our skin sag. Usually, there are fillers applied by surgeons that help our tissues to recover. 

The skin of the face is the first to show the signs of aging and hence there are the things we need to recognize so that we can at least soothe the consequences. Also, there are some interventions that can help you restore your look but some natural procedures such as good hydration can give positive results to collagen production and a firmer look of your skin. 

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