Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair
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Trending Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Altering your hair can feel like a life-changing experience. And it’s true, cutting your hair or switching the color is a type of self-care that can have a big effect on your mood. 

Of course, you want to get the color right. Here are some trending hair color ideas for short hair to give you inspiration before your next salon visit. 


No, it’s not a spelling error. “Bronde” is a color technique that fuses blonde and brown together to give your locks that perfect sun-kissed look. And yes, you can get highlights even with short hair. 

A well-trained stylist can bring depth to your hair regardless of length. The mix of blonde strands can add light and dimension to cool-toned brunettes. 

Cool Black

Many people mistake black hair as being flat when there are many underlying shades that can impact the look. For instance, the trendy cool black is quite striking and looks amazing on those with darker skin. 

When researching hair color ideas, be sure to look at color temperatures as well. 

Black can also have hues of reflective blue or red. Go ahead and look for a “hair salon near me” to find a stylist that can match the perfect shade to your features. 

Shades of Lavender

Ready to go bold? Soft pastels or striking silvers have made it on the list of hair color trends for a few years now. 

Lavender looks great on short hair, especially when mixed with silver or darker shades to give it more dimension. If you’re feeling extra playful, mix violet and pink together. It gives you an edgy, feminine look that’s perfect for summer. 

Short Hair Balayage

If you think the balayage trend is only for women with long locks, think again. A trained stylist can recreate this look even on shorter hair with the right technique. 

Generally, it looks best on hair with layers. 

Platinum Pixie

Platinum looks striking on women with any hair, whether short or long. There’s the go-to platinum blonde bob, which looks amazing when paired with the shadow roots trend. 

This bright shade is perfect for a pixie cut. It looks ultra chic, and it’s incredibly flattering on women with darker skin tones. 

Work with your stylist to combine platinum with darker roots to allow your hair to grow out naturally and you can go longer between appointments. 

Bright Copper

Red is always a popular hair color, regardless of length. When coloring your hair and selecting a warmer hue, be sure to find one that complements your skin tone. 

An eye-catching copper really pops when you combine it with short, choppy layers and darker tones. It’s a fiery look that can earn you a lot of compliments. 

Try These Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t try some of the latest and trendiest styles. Find a stylist near you and share these hair color ideas for short hair with them. 

Are you looking for more of the latest trends? From fashion and hair care to fitness and more, we’ve got you covered. Read some of our other blogs for more like this. 

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