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How to Protect Skin from Sun Damage with Missha

The sun does not disappear even if summer is already over. Skipping sunscreens for daily use unless you’re going on a trip to the beach is a bad habit most of us are guilty of. Don’t worry, we get you! The sticky madness and white casts all over your face is not something desirable to experience every day.

We are here to help you find the best ways on how to protect your skin. Throughout the article, you will find Korean beauty products that you can use from a global cosmetic brand, Missha.

Before we discuss any further, we will explain the types of ultraviolet rays and sunscreen protections.

The three types of UV rays are:

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA) – UVA rays are responsible forskin aging. It penetrates deeper than UVB and mainly causes DNA damage, premature skin aging, and photoaging. 95% of UV rays are of this kind. It has the longest wavelength of the three.
  • Ultraviolet B (UVB) – UVB rays can cause sunburn, tanning, and skin cancer. It only affects the outer layer of the skin and is at its strongest at noon. An unprotected skin exposed to UVB rays can easily burn as short as 15 mins.
  • Ultraviolet C (UVC) – UVC rays cannot deal skin damage because it is absorbed by the ozone layer.

We often see SPF and PA on sunscreens, but what does it really mean?

Sun Protection Factor or SPF shows how long you are protected under the sun. If your unprotected skin starts to burn after 15 minutes under the sun, an SPF15 can protect you for 225 minutes.

The Protection Grade of UVA or PA is responsible for measuring the strength of protection from UVA. The plus sign (+) represents the level of protection, PA+ as the lowest, and PA++++ being the highest.

Understanding how the sun damages the skin is important in protecting the skin. Let’s start with the simple ways on how we can easily protect our skin from sun damage.

1. Find the right sunscreen for you.

Having sunscreen you are comfortable with makes applying it every day easier. Some people prefer fragranced sunscreen, while most people find it bothersome. Thanks to innovation, some sunscreens offer skin benefits such as brightening or anti-aging.

If you are looking for a lightweight sunscreen, we recommend you try Missha’s All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun that offers broad-spectrum SPF45 PA+++. It is infused with different extracts to moisturize, nourish, and soothe the skin. Don’t forget to reapply as much as needed.

2. Be mindful of what you wear under the sun.

Unless you are going for a swim on the beach, consider wearing protective clothing when you go out. Especially if you’re spending most of your time outdoors, don’t rely on your sunscreen to do all the work. Wear long sleeves, pants, and big brims. Umbrellas may also come in handy.

3. Your lips need protection too.

Your lips are one of the most vulnerable parts under the sun. You may notice that most lips get darker with age. Possible reasons could be smoking, reactions to lip products, and unprotected exposure to the sun. We highly recommend you to use lip balms infused with a sun protection factor.

4. Use beauty products with SPF.

If you are too lazy to put on sunscreen but have the energy to put on makeup, you should buy beauty products that come with sun protection. Missha is known for its products with SPF like M Perfect Cover BB Cream. This multifunctional BB cream can effectively protect you from the sun as it offers SPF42 PA+++. Products like these are perfect for people who dislike applying sunscreen with their makeup.

5. Avoid tanning beds at all costs.

Sunbeds have always been dangerous for our skin. It radiates the same harmful UV rays from the sun, and it can even be more harmful than the sun. Your skin type also influences your skin sensitivity under a tanning bed. Excessive exposure to UV rays can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.


As early as now, you should take care of your skin before it is too late. Wearing sunscreens and protective clothes are more than enough compared to doing nothing at all. Invest in high-quality sunscreens to maximize the protection you can get. Stay safe and shaded!

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