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What Are the Best Tips for Younger Looking Skin?

A recent survey found that people feel around 6 years younger than they are. Would you like your skin to reflect that youthfulness you still feel?

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to have younger looking skin is not layering on the makeup. This actually ages your face.

Rather than hide your skin under layers of foundation, the best way to de-age your skin is to take care of it. Healthy skin is the key to beautiful skin!

But your initial search for skin health tips may leave you baffled. There’s so much advice out there, much of which is conflicting.

To help you out, we’ve created this guide for younger looking skin. We’ve compiled all the best information into three sections:

  1. Techniques
  2. Lifestyle
  3. How to invest in your skin

Read on for every tip you need to look as young as you feel!

1. Skincare Techniques

Keeping your skin looking young requires you to use the right techniques to care for it. Aggressively scrubbing your face with an exfoliator every day does no good for your skin barrier and natural oils. So to start, here are the techniques everyone – regardless of age – should be using.

Cleansing at the Right Temperature

First of all, never use hot water on your face. Your skin is delicate! Hot water will only damage it.

For the most effective cleansing routine, use lukewarm water instead.

How and When to Exfoliate

Exfoliation has long been hailed as a crucial part of skincare. Because of this, people tend to over-exfoliate.

In actual fact, you only need to exfoliate your face around twice a week.

The way you exfoliate is also important. Don’t scrub aggressively. This will damage your skin further.

Rather, lightly massage the products into your face. If you’re doing it right, it should not hurt or sting!

How to Wash Your Face

Always be gentle with your skin – not just with gentle products but with your washing technique. Do not scrub hard! Only ever massage gently.

How to Dry Your Face

This also applies to how you dry your face. Do not pull a towel or cloth across your face, which irritates and stretches the skin. Instead, gently pat it dry.

When to Apply Products

One of the most important elements of skincare is hydration. So when we apply moisturizing products, we want them to hydrate the skin as much as possible.

To do this, apply your products while your skin is still damp. This allows them to absorb much easier. You may even be able to use less product than you thought!

Facial Massage

Finally, support your face’s health by regularly doing gentle facial massages. This stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Clean Your Tools

Whether you’re cleansing, massaging, or applying makeup, make sure your tools and hands are clean! Otherwise, you’ll apply irritants directly to your skin.

2. Lifestyle Choices

Caring for the skin starts with caring for the body. Here are some changes you can make in your day-to-day life that promote younger looking skin.

Stay Hydrated

Number one is always hydration! Hydration is beneficial for your overall health, but in particular helps to keep your skin balanced. Drink water little and often so your body can absorb it and your skin can get the moisture it needs.

Stay Active

Just like a facial massage, exercise supports your whole body’s circulation and blood flow. This helps your skin get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay looking young!

Eat the Right Diet

Eating well is the third way to support your body and skin’s health. But more than a balanced diet, pick foods that specifically help your skin.

For example, choose foods rich in antioxidants to minimize the effect of damaging free radical cells in the body. Foods high in antioxidants include leafy greens as well as many types of fruit and veg.

Of course, make this count by avoiding foods that wreak havoc on your skin. That means avoiding processed foods or foods high in sugar.

But that doesn’t mean avoiding all fat! In moderation, you need to eat enough healthy fats to protect your skin from the effects of sun damage. Healthy fats are found in fatty fish, olive oil, and other foods like avocado.

Avoid Alcohol

Did you know alcohol is actually a toxic substance? You don’t have to avoid it altogether to have beautiful skin. But make sure to only consume it in moderation so it doesn’t cause too much damage.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking’s effect is even worse than alcohol’s. Besides how it damages the whole body, the skin in particular suffers because smoking reduces the body’s supply of oxygen to the skin.

Avoid Skin Picking

Picking at your skin is one of the worst ways to irritate it. Not only are you making the skin dirty, but scratching it can worsen breakouts and even leave scars.

Avoid Squinting

Anti-aging tips often center around reducing wrinkles. Avoid developing them in the first place by not squinting. Rather get the glasses, contacts, or sunglasses you need than damage your skin.  

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep lets the body repair itself. Without enough rest, your skin in particular will suffer. While one bad night shouldn’t make a noticeable difference, getting in the habit of sleeping too little will age your skin prematurely.

Sleep on Your Back

Unless you wash your pillowcase every day, it may have a small build-up of oil and dirt from your hair. Sleeping with your face on your pillow lets all those irritants rub into your skin. Rather, sleep on your back to protect your skin while you get those magical eight hours.

Reduce Stress

The hormones released when we’re stressed for prolonged periods of time negatively impact our skin and its immune function. So if you can work on combatting stress, your skin will stay younger looking for longer!

3. Invest in Your Skin

Now that you know the best techniques and choices for your skin, it’s time to take care of it! Doing so involves investing in the right products and services to give your skin what it needs.

Sun Protection

Sun damage is one of the fastest ways to age your skin. Other than the serious skin cancer risk, sun exposure can speed up wrinkling as well as discoloration. Apply a sun cream or other barrier every day to ensure your skin is protected from sun damage.


Just like eating a healthy diet, taking supplements can help your skin get the nutrients it needs. Some of the most popular choices for healthy skin are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen
  • Prebiotics
  • Probiotics
  • Postbiotics
  • Biotin

Remember to always consult with a medical professional before adding supplements to your diet.


Facials provide a perfect combination of high-quality products and facial massage. Get these professional services at regular intervals. They will add to the benefits of your at-home skincare routine.


Botox is one of the most long-lasting investments for younger looking skin. It can tackle particular areas that you would like to de-age, rather than the whole face and neck area. Over just a few sessions, your skin receives almost permanent treatment for preventing or getting rid of wrinkles.

Worthy Waterloo Botox Cosmetic explains that these medications block neurotransmitters telling muscles to contract. Therefore, your skin naturally doesn’t develop the wrinkles it would otherwise. Combined with proper skincare, this drastically slows down your skin’s aging.


For healthy and younger looking skin, you need not just high-quality products, but to use the right combination. Here’s everything you need and why.


A good-quality facial cleanser is essential to keeping your skin vibrant. It removes the grease and irritants that build up every day.

The best cleansers aren’t too harsh on the skin. Their gentle formulas keep the skin barrier intact while removing the dirt of day-to-day life. To ensure maximum cleanliness, some people like to cleanse their faces twice at the end of each day.


Toner is used after a facial wash. It evens out the oils the face wash might have removed, while catching any dirt the face wash missed.


Moisturizer is essential for hydration. Besides facial wash, it’s the most important step for healthy, glowing skin. Apply after cleansing and toning the skin, locking in as much moisture as possible.


Finally, serums can tackle particular areas where your skin needs help. Some serums are highly hydrating, others are rich in collagen, and some target issues like acne or dryness. Apply this last.


While not an everyday need, face masks can act as a great mini-facial. They provide a hit of moisture and vital nutrients to keep your skin vibrant.

How to Elevate Your Younger Looking Skin

Maintaining younger looking skin requires a balance of healthy choices and good-quality investments. That gives your skin the nutrients and hydration it needs to stay fresh and young.

But there’s nothing wrong with using carefully placed makeup to elevate your look. In moderation, it can elevate your skin which you’re putting so much effort into taking care of.

To find more tips for younger looking skin, such as how to accentuate it with makeup, check out the rest of our “beauty tips” articles!

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