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Best Hair Extension Method for Short Hair

Fusion extensions is one of the most popular extension techniques, which is suitable even for those with a short haircut. 

The main thing is to find a good stylist and to buy quality hair that will dramatically change your hairstyle.

What Hair Extensions Type to Choose for Short Hair?

You can do hair extensions in one of the following techniques:

  • Hand-tied weft extensions – in this case, a thin braid is made around the head, and a hand-tied weft is sewn into it.
  • Fusion hair extensions – depending on the thickness and length of the strands, hair extensions can be done with standard size bonds and micro bonds.

For any of these options to look beautiful, the haircut must not be shorter than 3-4 inches (7-10 cm).

What types of extensions are not suitable for short hair? 

  • Tape-ins are not the best option. The tapes can be seen in the hair, as the length of the native locks is not sufficient to cover them. 
  • Clip-ins are also not the best variant for short hair, because the extensions can be noticeable.

Why Choose Fusion Hair Extensions Method for Short Hair?

  • Micro bonds are the perfect solution for short hair 

If your hairstyle is too short, you can try micro bond extensions. As a rule, they are fixed in such a way to hide the bonds under natural hair.  

  • Keratin glue to match your natural hair

This is the material that is used to form the bonds. You can choose a shade that will perfectly match the color of your hair. Now you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing you did something to your hair!

  • Absolute comfort

If your hairstylist is a real professional, you can live your normal life: make your favorite hairstyles, go to the gym or swimming pool, and be sure you always have a million-dollar look!

To make your hair really beautiful and look natural, it is necessary to purchase quality material for fusion extensions. We recommend looking at the range of I Love Slavic Hair – Here you will find a great selection of natural hair with which TOP stylists of Canada and the USA work.

All products of the company are treated carefully and are subject to strict quality control. Due to all this, you can be sure that the hairstyle will look beautiful and natural, and the extensions will last as long as possible.

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