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3 Tips for Growing Hair Faster Without Sacrificing Health

You’ve dreamed for years of whipping your head around and watching your long locks swing in the wind.

As women age, they have traditionally transitioned to shorter hairstyles. But long hair can look great on women of all ages and can actually bring out your facial features.

The problem? You may be having trouble getting your hair to grow out.

Fortunately, you can easily grow your hair faster without sacrificing your health. Here’s a rundown of three tips for growing hair faster.

Let’s jump in!

1. Get Trims Frequently Can Help with Growing Hair

One of the best steps you can take to grow your hair is to get your hair trimmed regularly.

This might understandably seem counterintuitive. However, regular trims are a must for enjoying long and healthy hair. That’s because split ends can end up breaking your hair.

When you eliminate these split ends, you eliminate the breakage, making your hair look longer. Your hair will also be more voluminous, smoother, and shinier.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Another way to grow your hair in a healthy way is to simply eat a nutritious diet. This will help you to “feed” your locks from inside your body.

For instance, eat foods that are protein-rich, as protein is your hair’s building blocks. Examples of these foods include fish, whole grains, nuts, and beans.

The more protein you eat, the less hair shedding you’ll experience.

Also, avoid taking part in today’s trendy “cleanses.” Doing cleanses is not good for your locks because you’ll end up being deprived of nutrients.

Even if you do a cleanse for just one week, you will notice lackluster and slower-growing hair.

3. Take Advantage of Hair Extensions to Enjoy Longer Hair

You can also “grow” your hair by adding hair extensions to your locks.

Hair extensions can easily add thickness, length, and volume to your hair. For instance, with extensions, you can make your hair more than 20 inches long in an instant.

Hair extensions also offer the benefit of being low maintenance. In addition, you can experiment with extensions in a way you may not feel comfortable doing with your natural hair.

Extensions are also a healthy and safe way to add highlighters or colors to your ‘do.

Your hair extension cost will likely be between $85 and $600 based on several factors. These include how long your extensions are, your extensions’ quality, and the texture/type of extensions you’ve chosen.

Grow Hair Fast in a Healthy Way Today

The top ways to grow your hair faster include getting regular haircuts and eating a healthy diet. Hair extensions can also be a convenient solution for growing hair in a healthy way.

Consider all of the above-listed solutions for growing hair as you seek to upgrade your look with a longer crown in the months and years ahead.

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