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I’m a woman and I spend like hours at the stores while looking for the perfect lipstick for my skin sometimes. I have a fair complexion like many other women out there and I’m sure that all of them must be facing the same issue as I. The reason why we take this much time is that we just don’t want to kill our looks with a poor color choice. If the color doesn’t match our skin tone, we’re ruined. It’s not just about the looks but this will make us feel down and uncomfortable about how we look. So girls, what we need to do is get ourselves some pretty lipstick colors that match our face complexion and make us feel much more confident about ourselves. 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… There isn’t just one color that we’re gonna talk about. Of course, if you have fair skin, there would be a number of options for you in lipsticks. This will not only give you an opportunity to look different every time but also match our dresses on different occasions. So, let’s get into the colors now!

Red! My Favorite

Red lipsticks on fair skin look super gorgeous and I really love the looks on ladies when they put this color on. Yes, red has different shades as well. The most dashing one would probably be the rich red. You can imagine how beautiful you’re going to look with this, right? These lipsticks are super popular these days. No matter if you’re a celebrity or a common woman, this color looks great on all and you can’t deny it. You need to try it on you like right now. Go shopping and buy one and you’re gonna love it too.

Purple Undertones on Red

With a pinkish finish, these lipsticks look super cool on special occasions. It’s actually red but has purple undertones in it which, when combined, make a nice pinkish effect that sparkles in every eye. Rich red is a pretty shocking color actually so you wouldn’t want to wear that many times. If you’re thinking of doing a little less prominent, then this color is going to be your priority. Oh and here’s a protip: wear a lipstick liner as well to make sure that the color doesn’t bleed out. Give your lips a perfect lipstick application and voila! You’re ready to go out and look more gorgeous than ever. 


Peach color, you got the idea! Peach lipsticks are popular these days amongst all women. This is exactly the color that you can wear anywhere you want even in the office. This color suits fair skin on almost every dress and occasion. You don’t really have to worry about how you look because you’ll look amazing, I’m telling you! This color is perfect for summers though. But it does’ mean that you can’t wear it any other time. This isn’t a bold looking lipstick but still, it looks pretty decent and makes you look like a vintage goddess. Wear it with some lip gloss and drop jaws at parties!


This one suits young women the most. It’s a playful color and you can have the most fun out of it. Wear them anywhere on adventures, parties, friends get-togethers, and you will look completely different and of course, will become more prominent. You can make yourself look more attractive if you use this color with nude eyeshadow and some gothic eye-makeup. But here’s a warning, you have to be careful of what dress you wear because if it won’t suit, the results would be not good at all. You know how to match colors, ladies!

Matte Pink or Black

Matte colors have their own beauty that glossy ones don’t have. Although matte finishing makes almost every color look wonderful, I would recommend using pink or black colors the most in the case of fair skin complexion. The black lipstick is going to make a great contrast with your skin and you’ll look pretty cool because of it.

However, shopping for matte could be a little tricky because you wouldn’t want a low-quality one. For that, you have to look for high-quality lipstick packaging boxes. If you’re running a cosmetic brand, then you can buy these lipstick packaging boxes from Dawn Printing which is a great one for your purpose. These boxes will make your brand and your lipsticks look super amazing and customers will love to buy from you. 

So Which One Do You Like The Most?

Lipsticks are women’s all-time favorite beauty products that they wear almost daily. There are hundreds of beautiful color tones available in the market for lipsticks but your skin tone and your outfit have a lot to do with the lipstick color. You can choose the one that you think would match your outfit and your fair skin. It’s your time to look beautiful every day!

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