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5 Things You Should Know Before Brewing Your First Beer

What could be better than beer for true beer lovers? Only beer brewed at home with the help of beer making kit. If you are ready to surprise your friends and please yourself with a natural product of your own making, this article is just for you.

What do you need for home brewing?

There are two options for making beer at home: 

  • to buy a ready-made mini brewery;
  • to use suitable utensils available at home. 

For classic beer manufacturing you will need:

  • large enameled container for mash preparation;
  • plastic or glass containers for fermentation;
  • ice bath or cooling system;
  • thermometer, silicone hoses, gauze, bottles for pouring finished beer.

Ingredients for making the drink are commercially available and come in a wide variety of sizes and include:

  • 25 liters of water;
  • about 50 g of hops with an acidity of 4.5%;
  • about 3 kg of malt;
  • 20-30 g of brewer’s yeast;
  • granulated sugar.

Some amateur gardeners grow hops and barley on their own plot.

Useful Tips for Homebrewers

Before starting to brew your first beer remember the following:

  1. Check the expiration dates of ingredients selected for brewing. Buy only quality products.
  2. Keep dishes sterile to prevent microbial contamination.
  3. In order to start the fermentation process for sure, you can prepare a starter from malt extract – boiled in 1 liter of water with 7 g of hops, chilled, and seeded with yeast. Such a starter is covered with foil and left in a cool place for 2-3 days. 
  4. To begin with, it is better to proportionally reduce the number of ingredients.
  5. Use the experience of other brewers.

After mastering the general technology, you can start experimenting with different brands of beverage components and the use of additives. Known recipes include bread, honey, cornmeal, black pepper, salt, and other products that give the beer a wide variety of flavors.

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