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6 Things You Mustn’t Do When Choosing Wine

Wine is a true social phenomenon that draws people together. Wine is not a drink to be consumed alone; instead, the greatest pleasure it can provide comes from being able to share it with other individuals.  

To enjoy its pleasure is to be alive, like knowing how to distinguish what is truly valuable or sharing both life and knowledge in friendship.

The wine opens doors to new universes, inviting us to imagine other forms and deepening our understanding of the human, that is, of ourselves, beyond our narrowness and difficulty. Wine invites us to understand various adventures and realities. Wine expands our horizons by encouraging us to consider alternative forms of expression and new worlds. In our encounters with these dreams, we can stimulate our imagination, educate our conscience, and understand how exciting and varied human qualities are.

The best wines are those that expand our knowledge, stand out from the crowd because they “propose,” and necessitate the attention of taste-testers. Good wine’s value is demonstrated when good people enjoy it. Be it the best Italian wine of the month, Treleaven Cabernet Franc, or searching for an Italian wine equivalent to Cabernet Sauvignon, choosing wine requires attention, sensitivity, insight, and time. It may seem a difficult task at first; however, there are several tips you can follow that will help you make the right choice.

Today, we will share with you five things you mustn’t do when choosing wine and hopefully help you learn more about the world of wines.

Don’t choose only the wines that are in trend

A bottle of great wine is true to its origins, one that has a distinct personality that reflects the qualities of the grape variety and the region where the grapes have been grown. Be diverse, be multicultural, and open to trying various wines. Don’t close your mind and stick to only trendy wines from popular regions, but instead, let yourself immerse in the beauty of the new and diverse things. We assure you that stepping out of your comfort zone is a spectacular experience.

Don’t Skip on Wine Festivals

You may be surprised, but wine festivals are not only highly popular but also there are so many of them that you can pick which one suits you best. And what better place to taste some of the best wines than at a wine festival.

Even better, you can buy tickets online and go to a wine festival together with your beloved friends who are wine lovers and have the chance to try various types. Also, good wine festivals represent only quality wines, and most of them are paired with food and music festivals together, so it is the best possible combination. They provide you with the perfect mix of dancing and having a lot of fun, and tasting quality wines at the same time.

Last but not least, it is a place where you can learn a thing or two by getting tips from wine experts because many people that attend these festivals are part of the wine industry and know how to pick a quality wine. So you definitely mustn’t skip wine festivals when choosing good wines. 

Don’t base your purchasing decision on price vs. quality

The availability of inexpensive wines in any neighborhood supermarket has increased dramatically in recent years. In addition, numerous wine experts believe that supermarket wines of low cost can be of high quality. It is true in some cases. However, you need to pay attention when tasting before you buy it and open it at the party you prepared for your friends who are wine lovers. Most of the time, prices are heavily influenced by factors such as production location, supply, and demand. Because of their rarity, wines with small and limited productions tend to be more expensive.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that tens of thousands of excellent wines are produced by small wineries and family-owned vineyards across the country and could be found at affordable prices.

Don’t forget the food

When wine is served on its own, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Gastronomy and wine go hand in hand and are a match made in heaven. A specific type of wine will pair better with a particular food over another. White wines, for example, pair well with seafood, fish, and even some types of vegetables.

It may seem like a myth that red wine goes well with meat and white wine goes well with fish, but this is actually true most of the time. The flavor of a dish will be completely ruined if it is served without the appropriate wine to pair with it. To increase appetite, wine works through its various aromas in the glass and the tannins that awaken taste buds and enhance the flavor of the food we’re eating.

Don’t follow the rule to drink wine that is only in a glass bottle with a cork

There are many different types of wine stoppers available today. Aside from the traditional cork stopper, which is the most commonly used in our country, there are a variety of other options, such as synthetic stoppers, glass stoppers, cork stoppers, and screw caps, among others.

When it comes to wine, wines with screw caps are generally considered low quality and originate from countries with a limited winemaking tradition, such as some Northern European countries. However, some countries produce excellent wines, such as New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Australia, where the screw cap is the majority.

Boxed wines are also underestimated, but each wine can have a different kind of look and have a unique stopper, which does not always have to be cork and is not necessarily better or worse than the others. In this sense, we must broaden our perspectives and begin to value wines for their intrinsic qualities rather than their appearance.

Don’t focus on reviews and ratings

Online reviews and ratings vary, and if someone likes one wine, it doesn’t mean that it will also be your cup of tea.

As a regular wine consumer, you will almost certainly have a preference for a particular grape variety, as well as for its aroma and consistency. Take this into consideration when making your selection, but don’t forget to leave room for experimentation with different strains. Follow your inner voice.

Several mobile applications are available for download that will allow you to make notes about your preferences and keep a record of the wines you have enjoyed the most to take them into consideration when making your next purchase. There is also a wine catalogue in some of these applications, where you can rate the wines you liked the best and those you didn’t care for at all.

The Bottom Line

Can you picture a massive iceberg in the Arctic Ocean? We’ll never know its proper size, for sure. The same is indeed the case with wine.

Several well-known winemakers and tasters have admitted that they “really don’t know anything” regarding wine, which is interesting. The enjoyment of a glass of wine is merely the visible portion of what’s going on beneath the surface. 

Science, art, feelings, people, cuisine, and life stories await behind a glass case. Thus every bottle is a window into a different era or region of the world. Start drinking wine now if you never want to stop learning. Once you have found the wine you like, buy it, but don’t stop looking and exploring new wines. 

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