DUI Accidents

6 Things You Should Know About DUI Accidents

Every day, countless people are injured in accidents caused by drunk drivers. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never been involved in an accident due to someone’s DUI or DWI. You may not know the common causes of these types of accidents, how they happen, and what can be done to prevent them from happening at all. In this post, we’ll discuss six things that every driver should know about DUI accidents so that everyone stays safe on the road. 

Let’s get to the list.

DUI Accidents Are a Significant Problem in the United States

Approximately one-third of all traffic-related deaths and accidents involve drunk drivers. One million drunk driving accidents happen in the United States every year. Drunk drivers are at risk of getting into an accident themselves, hurting other people on the road, and even causing death.

If injured in a DUI accident, it’s essential to understand what legal options you have. As stated by the legal professionals from Herrman And Herrman, it is important to hire an experienced lawyer to help you protect your rights. With the right attorney, you can present your case, receive any compensation you’re entitled to, and move on with your life.

Driving Under the Influence Can Lead to Serious Personal Injury or Death

Driving while intoxicated is one of the most serious offenses in most states. A DUI can lead to very severe consequences, both for you and anyone else involved in an accident with you. If found guilty or responsible for a DWI/DUI-related accident, drivers could face fines, jail time, license suspension or revocation, community service requirements, increased insurance rates, and even a permanent criminal record.

Road rage is another potential outcome of DUIs/DWI-related accidents, as well as any other accident that leaves one person injured or dead. In the heat of the moment, people have been known to lash out at those they feel are responsible for their misfortune by damaging property or assaulting others.

That’s why it is important that you must be tested on the DMV written test as it will help you stay clear of any DUI conviction. However, once you receive your license you need to be responsible for yourself, your car, and the people around you.

There Is No Way To Predict How Much a DUI Accident Will Cost You

Anyone who has suffered injury or property damage in a DUI accident can tell you that the cost of an accident is high. Beyond the immediate medical expenses, which can be significant depending on how badly someone was injured and what treatment they required, there are other costs to consider when dealing with car accidents caused by drunk drivers. When assessing damages after an accident, the court considers several factors.

Besides property damage and medical expenses, you could be responsible for various other losses after a DUI/DWI accident. For example, suppose your injuries prevent you from working during recovery or result in a permanent disability that affects future earning potential. In that case, any lost wages due to time off work are also taken into consideration.

The Most Common Accident is the Rear-End Collision

The most common DUI/DWI accident, by a wide margin, is the rear-end collision. This type of accident typically occurs on a clear day and at relatively low speeds. In many cases, it’s simple carelessness—the drunk driver does not maintain an adequate following distance or fails to stop in time before colliding with another car. Although not all rear-end collisions are the result of DUI/DWI accidents, many are.

Accidents involving drunk drivers can happen at any time and in every state across the country. With so much to lose, it’s essential for everyone on the road to be aware of what happens when a person gets behind the wheel while intoxicated.

A DUI Conviction Can Have Lasting Effects On Your Life

DUI/DWI accidents can have significant long-term consequences that impact your life in ways you might not even consider. Not only do the costs of a DUI accident add up, but so can the fines and fees associated with them. There are also many collateral consequences of being convicted for driving under the influence—even if you never spend time in jail.

These consequences include trouble obtaining or completing a professional license, difficulty finding (and keeping) employment, and even trouble renting an apartment. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with a DUI attorney as soon as possible after being charged.

Most Victims of DUIs Are Young Adults

DUI Accidents

One of the more surprising statistics about DUI accidents is that most victims are young people. According to some studies, as many as 70 percent of those killed in drunk driving incidents each year were between 15 and 24 years old. The next highest percentage (about 20 percent) was among those aged 25 to 34.

However, it’s essential not to overlook that people of all ages are at risk for being involved in a DUI accident. Anyone can fall under this mess, including teenagers, senior citizens, and even experienced drivers.

These are the most important things to know about DUI accidents after you’ve been involved in one. If you were hurt because someone else was driving drunk, then you must discuss your options with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible. You may be eligible for significant financial compensation.

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