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7 Benefits An Organic Mattress Offers You

After a hectic day at work, the least you deserve is a good night’s sleep. Your choice of mattress can be the difference between tossing and turning all night and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. An organic mattress offers more than comfort and might be just what you need to enjoy your bedtime. Read on to discover the top seven benefits of investing in an eco-friendly mattress.

Eco-friendly materials

The key selling point of these mattresses is that they are made from naturally occurring materials like cotton, wool and reinforced with natural fibers. The lack of synthetic materials in their construction makes them much safer for use compared to conventional mattresses. Additionally, their disposal after use poses minimal risk to the environment, unlike traditional mattresses.

Chemical-free construction

Commercially produced mattresses contain boric acid and other potentially harmful chemicals that pose several health risks to users. Though these chemicals are responsible for conventional mattresses’ soft and cozy nature, continued use of these mattresses can lead to cancer and other respiratory illnesses. An eco-friendly mattress solves this problem by excluding the toxic chemicals present in traditional mattresses.

Adequate body support

Organic sleeping gear provides an excellent level of support, similar to an air mattress. According to Naturepedic, the natural fiber construction enables the mattress to adjust to your body posture leading to a comfortable sleep. Conventional mattresses force your body to adjust to the mattress construction leading to obstructive sleep. People who suffer from lower back pain and neck discomfort would benefit significantly from an eco-friendly mattress.

Free of disease-causing allergens

Mattresses made from natural materials are much safe to sleep on than commercially produced mattresses. The natural construction limits their ability to attract and host bacteria, dust, and other disease-causing pathogens. Also, being built in chemical-free environments means they are less likely to harbor molds and allergens. This aspect makes it easier for users to breathe freely when asleep.

Temperature regulation

Due to the presence of natural materials in their compositions, organic sleeping gear regulates night temperatures better than synthetically produced mattresses. Eco-friendly mattresses are likely to stay warmer during fall and cooler during summer leading to a high quality of sleep than synthetic options.

Value for money

Eco-friendly mattresses are not only safer for use but are also cheaper to maintain than conventional mattresses. While the price tag of eco-friendly mattresses might be higher than their traditional counterparts, the long useful life of organic sleeping gear more than compensates for its high price.

Ease of cleaning and resistance to bugs

The lack of chemicals in their composition enables users to wash their sleeping gear with minimal worries about damage. Additionally, biodegradable mattresses come stocked with natural repellants that keep bed bugs and mites at bay.

An organic mattress is a worthwhile investment and comes in various styles and finishes, so you can be sure there’s always something for you. For more information, you can reach out to reliable places like Naturepedic.

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