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Purple Crystals: Healing Properties, & Benefits

Amethyst, hackmanite, purple garnet, and purple agate are among some of the crystals that have their own unique range of properties. Purple crystals have long been associated with healing, which can be seen on a physical, and spiritual level. 

While each crystal has their own profile of complex properties that they can bring us, these are some of the most common healing properties that purple crystals are associated with. Make sure that you are regularly cleansing and charging your crystals in order to stay connected with them and to allow you to continue benefiting from the healing that they can bring. 

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Physical Healing

Firstly, purple crystals are believed to enhance healing within the physical body, which can help with a range of functions. This allows us to focus on what really matters and ensure that we are taking care of ourselves. Regardless of what you believe in, purple crystals have been reported to help with physical healing in a range of circumstances, and they are certainly worth a try. 

There is evidence to suggest that purple crystals such as amethyst help enhance the immune system, which allows the body to fight infection and avoid catching harmful viruses over time. Purple crystals are also said to improve endocrine function, which helps to regulate hormone levels and stress response. 

In addition, purple crystals can encourage physical healing by stimulating a restful state which helps you to get a good night’s sleep. This can help you feel more alert, and even allow you to feel more in touch with your spiritual side through dreams. 

Sleep is highly important for physical healing because the body repairs itself through cell regrowth. This means that purple crystals enable the body to recover and renew itself overnight. 

Spiritual Healing

Another way that purple crystals are known to help with healing is by connecting you with your spiritual abilities. Whether you want to find inner peace or heal the balance between your chakras, try to meditate with your purple crystals to engage with spiritual healing. 

Many purple crystals are said to connect with the crown chakra, which is highly powerful as it is known as a connection to the cosmos. Use purple crystals if you want to reach a higher level of consciousness and engage with your spirit guides. This is typically done through meditation, mindfulness exercises, and when you are dreaming. 

You can open intuition, and enhance psychic abilities when you are engaging with your purple crystals. Certain types are also highly powerful because they embody the violet flame, which works directly under master St. Germain. 

The patron saint is known to help bring love and compassion to those who connect with him. This can help you feel more confident and find more courage during challenging times. Become aware of the power that your spiritual connections can bring and try to find comfort by knowing that you are on the right path in this world. 

Consider keeping your crystals nearby when you are meditating so that you can become more aware of your true potential. This can also help eliminate negative energy that you may be holding onto subconsciously, and allow you to become kinder as well as more empathetic. 

Of course, it can be challenging to reach this deeper sense of understanding, but purple crystals can help with this because they are known for bringing out a sense of inner peace and calm. The colored gemstones can help us to silence some noise in the spiritual and physical world. 


Connecting with the spiritual world can allow you to feel more intuitive in your day-to-day life, and encourage you to be confident in your decision-making. Purple crystals can help you to understand your deeper purpose and figure out how you will get there. This is done by allowing you to achieve inner peace in both the spiritual and physical world. 

In terms of physical healing and the benefits that the purple gemstones can bring out, they are known for providing calming properties and helping with sleep. This can allow the body to heal over time, and even improve the immune system functioning. 

While they may seem like stones or rocks, purple crystals are highly powerful when it comes to reaching a higher level of consciousness and connecting to the cosmos. Use your purple crystals with meditation, keep them near you when you sleep, or wear them. 

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