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7 characteristics you should look for before hiring a moving company

Moving and relocating from one area to another is one of the essential parts and parcel of your day to day life. You may, therefore, at some point in time, need to hire a moving company to pack and ship your properties. Among the various aspects of moving that you should pay key attention to includes enlisting the help of a professional moving company to help in the moving process. With there being so many moving companies operating in the market in Brisbane and other parts of the country, selecting a good moving company that would render professional services can be a major hurdle. Here are 7 important characteristics that you should look for before hiring a moving company.

Reputation across the market

One of the things you should check before hiring the services of a moving company is the company’s reputation across the market. A company’s reputation can be assessed through various platforms including reading through the company’s reviews and ratings on the internet. A good reputable company generally offers exemplary services to its customers, therefore receiving good positive reviews and good ratings.

When looking for the reputation of a company through reviews and ratings, you may want to use the readily available tools such as Google and social media. For example, searching the keywords, Brisbane Removalists Company gives you a list of moving companies enlisted within the Brisbane area, accompanied by additional information such as reviews and average ratings on a scale of 1 to 5. A company with a good reputation would most likely serve you equally well.

Referrals from other people

You may also want to work with moving companies that you have been referred to by other persons who have utilized the services before. Referrals normally work quite well as you will always be sure that the company you are being referred to provide exemplary service to its previous customers and will, therefore, most certainly live up to its reputation when serving you. When looking for such referrals, your options are wide as you may ask from other persons and friends who may give you word of mouth recommendation. You may also utilize the power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram to connect with other social media users in request for referrals.

Licensure and insurance certification

A good reputable moving company should also be appropriately licensed by the necessary authorities. The license is proof that the company is duly registered by the government and that it is compliant to the various business regulations in the area. Whereas you may not need to question a moving company for its license of incorporation, you may use alternative details such as the name of the company to search from government business registries and therefore validate licensure.

When looking for a good moving company, it is also important to work with one that is appropriately insured in the moving of properties. The insurance cover is highly important as it helps insure the business in instances of accidents that may lead to catastrophic loss or damage of property. Working with a company that is not insured exposes your property to significant risks as the company may fail to take liability in cases where accidents occur and your property is damaged.

Fair and transparent charges

A good moving company should be able to give you an exemplary service which is fairly priced and charged. You should, therefore, work with a company that gives you an elaborate outline of how they charge you for moving particular items. Among the crucial factors that moving companies use to determine their charges include the distance in which the items would be moved, the approximate weight and size of cargo to be transported, the nature of the cargo in terms of whether it is delicate, solid, liquid, or gas, among other relative factors.

In general, the company’s charging criteria should be elaborate and clear; with no hidden charges. The charges should also be fair and approximately similar to what other companies charge within the same market. In cases where the company charges a premium fee then the amount charged should be worth the kind of service rendered.

Sufficient resources

A good moving company should also be sufficiently equipped in terms of resources to facilitate the moving process. Some of the key resources necessary include enough fleet of vehicles of all kinds, sizes, and capacities. In addition, the company should also be well staffed with sufficient workers to help in handling all logistics involved in the moving process. You may get a rough idea of how well resourced the company is by visiting its offices, website, social media pages, or even reading through its brochures and handbills.

Good customer service

You should also endeavor to work with a moving company that runs a good professional customer service. Depending on the size of the company and the number of customers it serves, the company should have a dedicated and well-staffed customer service desk with an additional call center manned by dedicated personnel who handle all forms of customer communication including online chats and phone calls. Such a well-equipped company is evidence of its dedication to delivering exemplary services. In addition, the customer service desk should be well managed by abled customer service representatives.

Fitting your personal needs

Sometimes, a good moving company should be able to meet your specific needs when possible. Some companies have stiff operating procedures that do not allow customers to request an additional extension of service. A good company, for example, should be able to deliver your items per the requests you make. If you intend to request the company to deliver items to a new home and appropriately arrange them, then the company should be able to accommodate your slightly extended delivery at all cost, even if it means you have to pay for it. Customization of customer service, in this regard, shows that the company is well poised to meeting specific customer requests, a sign that such a moving company is customer-centric.

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