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7 Tips To Refresh Your Whole Home

If you are no longer happy with the look or feel of your home, refreshing it may be a good idea. Whether you are tired of the trends or you just want something more exciting, a few updates can give your space the boost it needs. Here are a few helpful tips to refresh your entire home.

1.    Get New Hardware

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is by replacing your door handles, faucets, kitchen cabinets, and appliances. Even the smallest changes can change your entire aesthetic. This option is affordable and practical.

Brass faucets, for example, would look great with matching brass pulls. If you want to create layers of intriguing variety, consider using a mix of metals that look good together. You may also want to change furniture hardware, like table legs, to something more contemporary that would complement the other metals in your home.

Changing your kitchen cabinets may give your kitchen a boost as well. Pick the right color and primer to match your aesthetic needs. The right primer will keep your paint from flaking and cracking. The advisors at advise that you pick a primer with minimal residue. It shouldn’t have a very strong odor.

2.    Change Your Window Treatments

You may not realize the impact of curtains on the appearance of your home until you change them. Changing your window treatments is one of the simplest ways to refresh your home. Installing your curtains can take just a few minutes and you do not need the help of a professional.   

Different curtain looks are appropriate for different preferences. If, for example, you want to create a soft farmhouse look, consider using neutral options. Use bold and vibrant colors if you wish to create an impression.

3.    Create a Statement Wall

Consider using a statement wall to give your home the lift it needs. Use playful patterns and interesting colors to help your wall stand out. Common types of statement walls include ombre-effect paint, busy stencil, molding, and faux brick panels. 

Painting your walls is one of the most common ways to give your home a new look. It is practical and you have lots of paint options to pick from. Painting is inexpensive and you do not need professional help to do it. If something goes wrong, you can easily fix it. When picking a paint color consider the use of a room. In bedrooms, for example, you may need relaxing and laid-back colors like teal and white. Upbeat colors may be more appropriate for the living room.

At some point, most homeowners will be dissatisfied with the interior of their homes. Maybe your preferences have changed or you tried a trend that no longer looks fresh. Whatever your reasons, there are lots of ways to add some life to a drab-looking home. They include getting new throw pillows, rugs, and wall paint.

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