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How to Sculpt the Dreaded Double Chin in NYC

Double chins can be a real nuisance. Who would’ve ever thought that a small lump of skin can ruin so many photos, weaken the profile and cause so much discomfort in the mirror. But it does, and with the recent pandemic, many people are finding an extra chin under their jaw. Not everyone finds this problematic, but it is still a very widespread issue for many of us.

But even with strict gym plans and an even stricter diet, you can still find that some parts of the body are hard to make leaner. This is the case with the double chin and why minimally invasive treatments like Kybella have been so helpful in getting rid of that extra fat that plagues photos and selfies alike.

How Does Kybella Work?

Many treatments in cosmetic centers take advantage of the abilities, tools and chemicals that are naturally found in the body. This means that your body will accept the treatment much more easily, will lower the chances of allergic reactions and the side-effects will be lighter. 

Kybella falls into the category of treatments that don’t put too much pressure on your body, as it utilizes a compound that your body produces. 

There are several acids in our stomach that are used to dissolve the food we consume. One of these is the deoxycholic acid and it specializes in breaking down fat. This can be useful in a variety of ways, mainly in eliminating fat where it doesn’t need to be. By using a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid, cosmetic surgeons are able to dissolve the fat that’s hiding under the chin.

The compound is injected and it begins to slowly, but surely, burn through the fat. With enough injections, that particular area is fat-free and chiseled perfectly.

What Results Can You Expect From the Treatment?

Much like with most cosmetic treatments, the results aren’t going to be immediate. You will notice a gradual improvement, as the double chin slowly shrinks with every injection of Kybella. By the end of the treatment, you’ll start to notice how much it’s gone down and how smooth the underside of your jaw looks.

For the final results, you will need to go for 2 to 4 sessions. This is the average for most patients, so you should expect yours to be in this range, though sometimes a few more may be needed. Each session requires two weeks of time in between, to give your body the rest it needs from the compound. While Kybella is in no way dangerous, you still don’t want to put a lot of pressure on your skin with too many injections.

The entire treatment takes a couple months altogether, so you will have to wait a little to see the finishing results. But when you do, you’ll be really amazed at how well the compound worked and the huge difference it made in your appearance. The results won’t be instant, but your joy at the newly chiseled chin definitely will.

Why Choose Kybella Over Other Treatments?

There are other kinds of fat reduction treatments which are able to chisel out the chin. But why do so many patients, especially New Yorkers, trust the power of Kybella? There are several benefits that make it an easy choice for a lot of people.

There’s the fact that it’s minimally-invasive. Procedures that are performed with injections leave very few marks and traces of treatment on the body. There are no stitches and scars to worry about, only tiny injections, which barely damage your skin. This makes it a great pick for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about extensive post-procedural maintenance, painful side-effects and long periods of recovery.

Then there’s the fact that the compound being utilized is derived from your own body’s naturally produced digestive acids. This means your body will have an easier time accepting the injected compound and you won’t have to worry much about allergic reactions. While there is still a chance your body may react, it’s very slim and won’t be in any way severe.

The Kybella treatment is very easy-going during the procedure itself, the recovery period is short and painless and the results are very impressive. These are the reasons why so many people are sculpting their double chins with the treatment. It’s just very convenient and in more ways than one.

Where Can One Find Kybella?

NYC alone is home to tons of clinics which perform Kybella, like Skinly Aesthetics in Manhattan. Their treatment package is famous for being one of the most accessible, thanks to the Kybella cost being reasonable. But just because the prices aren’t that steep, doesn’t mean the quality of their work is lacking in any way.

You will have an Ivy-League trained professional performing the treatment, who has lots of experience in smoothing out double chins. Many New Yorkers nowadays are forced to live with their double chins as a result of the recent lockdown and the weight they’ve put on throughout the months of sitting at home. But many of them have been able to get their chins back into shape with a single Kybella treatment.

So, if you put your mind to it and start looking around the cosmetic clinics in your local area, you can find at least a couple that fit your needs and expectations. 

Don’t Let a Little Fat Hold You Back

If you feel as though you need that little bit of fat gone under the chin, then you should try Kybella. Don’t hold yourself back. Do whatever it takes to feel confident in your own body and smoothing out the double chin could be a very good place to start.

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