New Year Gift

A gift for the new year

One of the best New Year’s traditions is to exchange gifts and greetings. You have to spend a lot of time and money to find presents. In addition to children, relatives, parents, and colleagues, it is not out of place to congratulate your friends and girlfriends. New Year’s Eve tips and ideas on how to buy friends for the New Year in a small but lovely gift, while being original and inexpensive will help keep within your budget.

How to choose a gift for a friend or girlfriend and what do I need to consider?

There aren’t many real friends, so when choosing a gift for your friend or girlfriend, you have to think carefully. Sometimes it’s better to give nothing at all or send flowers online than to make an inappropriate, unnecessary or tasteless gift.

Rules for choosing New Year’s gifts for a friend or girlfriend:

  1. You probably know what your friends are into, their hobbies and passions. People are always pleased when they are given things related to their hobbies – sports, fishing, climbing, music, collecting, etc.
  2. Guys, if they have a sense of humor, you can make gifts from the category of funny. The main thing is that your views on funny things coincide. Your task is to cause your friend to smile, and even better to laugh. It is better not to make such a gift for girls – it is very easy to make a mistake, and the case will end up offended.
  3. If your friend is serious, businesslike, and not inclined to giggle over anything, present him with something functional. But the gift should certainly embody a warm feeling, emphasizing your goodwill.
  4. Give gifts that guys will emphasize their masculinity, girls – femininity. Or “unisex” gifts, but not the other way around. Roughly speaking, do not give a guy kitchen mitts or bubble bath, and the woman universal pliers.
  5. If you know how to do something with your own hands – bake, sculpt, knit, embroider, carve wood, etc., make gifts for friends. This kind of hand-made stuff goes “on a roll. This can also include creative gifts – a portrait, a hand-written song, or a poem.
  6. If nothing comes to mind, or there is no time to think about it, then limit yourself to a gift certificate – to a salon, gym, swimming pool.

There are also concepts about what categorically should not be given as a gift. For example, things that can be interpreted as a hint of a problem. If the girl is overweight, you will become her enemy by giving her a floor scale.

Avoid romantic innuendos. If the gift is made without far-reaching plans, you should not create the illusion of your interest in the giver/giftee, beyond the scope of a friendly relationship.

What to present to a friend/girlfriend for the New Year?

When choosing a gift for your friend or girlfriend, consider their character and interests. Give something fun or useful, you should not give any material value. More often than not, we expect understanding and support from friends, the opportunity to laugh together.

Funny gift ideas

Guys, unlike girls, are always not averse to irony about themselves and others. If your friend has a sense of humor, you can give him something funny. Of course, this also applies to girls, but not to such an extent.

  • A friendly caricature

Take photos of your friend (girlfriend) and order a humorous portrait from a professional caricaturist. Few people have such an artistic object, turns out a wonderful gift that will cause a lot of positive emotions.

  • Wine cap jar

The connoisseur of strong drinks will certainly like the original present, which will serve as storage for wine stoppers. The design will be both a decorative element and a reminder of moderation in the consumption of alcohol.

  • Funny socks

In fashion are included cropped pants, which means the original socks with the most unimaginable combinations of colors and creative designs will be appropriate. They will warm you up in winter weather and raise your spirits.

The most original gifts

In the New Year, we want a miracle, or at least something unusual. Original gifts will help to implement this desire. They should be both functional and unusual.

  • Flexible keyboard

It can be rolled into a tube and shoved into the bag. Such a thing will be useful for those who have to type a lot outside the office. Keyboards are available in different shades and sizes.

  • The original puzzle

There’s a real boom in the puzzle market. The Rubik’s cube has been replaced by the most unusual designs. If your friend (girlfriend) has an inquisitive mind, give him an interesting puzzle. You can find tangled nails, mechanical mazes, balloon designs, and more on sale.

  • A name calendar for next year

A great gift for a responsible young man or lady. Today it is not customary to trust paper, so most information is stored on smartphones. But it never hurts to have a stylish loose-leaf calendar on your friend’s or girlfriend’s desk, where you can make current notes. If you want to make a really good gift, order a calendar made of metal and leather, and then ask the master to engrave congratulations on it.

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