A Guide To The Art Of Collecting Antiques

Fine antiques have always been in high demand and always will be, as superb craftsmanship stands the test of time. For many people, collecting antique items is a major part of life. Just being around quality creations fills some with pleasure. With a little imagination, one can see Lord Nelson sitting at that military chest or witness the English gentry that were once owners of your fine furniture.

Collecting Antiques

If you have recently acquired your first antique piece and like it so much, you wish to become a collector, there is indeed much to learn. What are your eventual aims? Are you looking to buy and sell for a profit? Is there a specific period that attracts you? The answers to these questions will help you to plan your acquisitions and with a firm idea of what you are trying to achieve, you can begin your eventful journey into the mysterious and engaging art of collecting fine antiques.

Gaining Knowledge

Prior to making any acquisitions, you need to do a lot of online research and with Google as your best friend, you can learn all about Louis XVI and the revered Victorian period. It really is easy to sit down in front of your computer and learn about the world of antiques and that new knowledge will be coupled with your own experiences, making you a very competent person on the topic of antiques.

Attending Antique Fairs

The Internet can help you find out where and when local antique fairs are being held and you should make a point of attending as many as possible, which will be very enjoyable as well as being instructional. You’ll get to meet some real characters and the same people tend to visit the shows and, of course, the auction houses, where old furniture comes under the hammer.

Forge an Alliance with a Local Antique Dealer

This is essential, as the local expert can source specific pieces and provide a professional opinion when selecting acquisitions. For example, you can buy and sell genuine antiques online on, an established UK antique shop with a great reputation within the antique community who has a global network of dealers, which means you can source just about anything. If you build up a good working relationship with such a person, this will prove to be invaluable in many ways and when you come across a piece that interests you, simply send the dealer a photo and see what they have to say.

Some collectors actually use their acquisitions as furniture at home, while others prefer to have a separate storage area, it all depends on you. One thing is for certain; as time passes, your collection will appreciate in value, creating extra wealth for a secure retirement, not to mention the many years of use that you will enjoy.

Find a local antique dealer and strike up a working relationship, then you will have a mentor, a buy and sell avenue and an encyclopedia, all rolled into one.

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