Body Confidence

Top Tips on Body Confidence

In a world where celebrities are famous for their beauty tips, and glamour models are predominantly slim, it isn’t surprising that many women suffer from a less than positive opinion about their bodies. Modern society is obsessed with youth, beauty, and thinness, so it’s important not to let superficial ideals dominate and embrace the beauty that exists in everyone. How can you do this?

Control social media

Make-up influencers and YouTube phenomenons can be counterproductive when it comes to body image. If you find that certain people/groups/shops make you feel bad about your body, simply stop watching and listening. Bodies are diverse, and everyone has been created differently; comparing yourself to others will only make you feel despondent and miserable, so switching off is the best solution.

Focus on what you like

Spend some time thinking about what you do like about your body. Perhaps you have a beautiful smile or luscious hair. If people comment on your eyes, accept it graciously. It’s often the case that you will be your own worse critic. Accepting compliments and acknowledging them will go a long way towards building a positive body image.

To embrace the individual beauty you possess, you could use a boudoir photographer to capture the real you in a stunning photoshoot designed to create wonderful memories and a memoir of who you are to keep and remember as you get older – a true act of self-love and great for improving positive body image.

Wear the right clothes

Whilst it’s tempting to wear baggy clothes if you don’t feel confident about your body, the right clothes that flatter your specific body type can go a long way towards dictating how you carry yourself and can boost your feelings of sexiness and mood.

Experimenting with different styles can help you identify what accentuates the good parts of you and detracts from the parts you dislike. Some clothes work better for pear-shaped bodies than hourglass shapes, and finding the right style will help you feel confident every day. Try choosing a few items that you can use as a base and change them up depending on the occasion. For example, a plain black dress can be played down or up by adding heels and jewelry for a formal event or boots and a jacket for a more casual look.

Start by purchasing basic yet essential pieces for your wardrobe, such as a high-quality plain white t-shirt. This versatile piece is easy to dress down and up to fit the occasion!

Positive bubble

If you struggle with self-love, it’s important to spend time with positive people. If you have friends prone to putting you down or making subtle derogatory comments, you should reevaluate your relationship with them. True friends will be supportive and encourage change and remind you of the beauty you possess inside and out. Good friends will remind you of all the good qualities you have and help you realize you are so much more than your physical appearance. Good friends can give you energy and help you propel forward. You can also contribute to an optimistic outlook by not criticizing the appearance of others as well as focusing on encouraging self-talk.

There are many things you can do to embrace the body you were born with. The human body is amazing and can achieve great things. If you look after it and cherish what you have, your outlook will naturally be less critical and judgemental, and you will be able to focus on strengths rather than perceived flaws.

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