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A Quick Guide to Lawn Disease

Green grass, sunshine, and warm weather. Does this make you think of a perfect summer day?

Owning a home with a yard means that lawn maintenance will be a seasonal activity that requires a few hours of attention each week.

Have you ever experienced any of the common lawn diseases? How can you prevent lawn disease?

Keep reading to learn more about lawn disease.

Learn About Lawn Disease

While lawn disease sounds like a complicated event, it is actually pretty common. Something as simple as a brown patch in your yard could be an indication of fungus overtaking a certain patch of grass.

One way to determine this is to keep an eye on the area for a few days. You may discover that it is also the area that your dog frequents to go to the bathroom. Once you determine what it is, you can come up with a solution.

The great news about most lawn diseases is that there are fungicides to help treat the diseases within a few applications. Once you have determined the amount that you need to apply, the rest of the process is easier as it begins to solve the issue.

Make Changes

When you are combating lawn disease, there may be some non-chemical-related changes that need to be made. For example, mowing your lawn more often to prevent it from getting overgrown is one change that may affect your free time in a given week.

Another potential change that may need to be made is whether or not you water your lawn. From an energy standpoint, there has been a push to get rid of the watering of lawns and let things grow naturally in certain areas of the country. 

Your neighbors can be a great resource for you to consult because they likely are working with similar grass and soil and have tried different strategies to keep it alive.

Call The Professionals

Whether you have a busy work schedule or enjoy traveling on road trips with family and friends during the summer, there are still ways that you can keep your lawn looking nice. Contacting RDS Lawn Care can be the solution you are looking for with years of expertise.

Regular visits from the professionals can also help you catch issues sooner than you would have if you were hurrying to mow between events on a Saturday. Controlling what you can control and leaving the rest up to the weather and the professionals can be the simpler route.

Greener Grass Today

Now that you have read more about lawn disease, you can keep it out of your lawn for good. After all of the hours that you spend maintaining your lawn each year, staying ahead of the potential lawn diseases will make all of that work worthwhile. Check out our website for more informational articles like this one.

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