Addie Andrew

Addie Andrews from Mormon missionary to adult film star

From the title, people who read can sense the story of Addie Andrew. And yes! The answers are here in this article.

Who is Addie Andrews?

Addie Andrew is 31-years old American women who is an adult film actress and a model. She was also an erotic dancer, social media influencer and webcamming.

A summary about Addie Andrews:

  • Name : Addie Andrew
  • DOB :  1st October, 1989
  •  Place of birth :Washington,US
  • Parents : Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling
  • Profession : actress and a model
  • Height : 5ft 5 inches
  • Weight : 55 aprox
  • Measurements : 34-26-39
  •  Hair type – blonde

Where to start about her?

Addie Andrews

Starting with Addie’s family, Addie was born and brought up in a strict manner by her parents. She got only little freedom to explore. Her family members are very regular church going people. Addie was also the girl who is regular to the church.

She joined in the Mormon missionary which is a religious group. Addie was on the work of converting people to Christianity and she was very divine into the Christ. Shewas a very complete person in her life.

But later everything got changed. In 2017, Addie stopped appearing to the church.

What would be reason?

addie andrews

Addie was unaware of premarital sex and other stuffs. She assumed premarital sex is against Christianity and considered as a sin. But it wasn’t, when she came to know about the concept of premarital sex through church where she was going.

Then she realized and stopped being regular to church. This was the major reason to get a drastic change in her life.

Place of living:

Addie was living her life in pacific northwest, Miami, US. She has four siblings whose names are brookie Andrew, savvy, Ryder, Jaxon Andrews. One of her brothers called brookie who is an actor in the United States.

How about her schooling and education?

There’s no information about the name of the school where she completed her schooling and higher education.

Addie did her bachelors in communication in Brigham young university.

Her life in social platform:

Addie is a very active personality in social platforms like especially Instagram and tiktok. She gathered millions of followers and fans under her arms with her ‘the hottest and sexiest pictures. Addie’s most of the post are partially nude and has a very good flexible body.

Addie instagram

In her Instagram account she has around 274k followers and 822 posts.

Here is Addie’s Instagram ID: @iamaddieandrews

How and where Addie’s career commenced?

Addie hailed from Miami to California in the year 2018. She came in search of job to choose her career. But later she worked as waitress. but there Addie’s exploration and eager in life doesn’t paused her as a waitress.

Addie started doing a real estate business, selling houses in United States. she started to explore more on social media and got many opportunities in her career as a model.

She also started selling calendars and advertising in her Instagram and other pages. And her recent update of her released calendars for the year 2022.

From a normal model she began to do as p**n actress when she started getting loads of commercial ads in social media by seeing her hot pictures and videos in Instagram and tiktok.

There everything changed in her life. Now she lives a luxurious life as she earns enormous money from the adult film.

Addie’s opinion on pornography is she says “pornography is like a tattoo on your soul, it’s not wise to do while drunk and you gotta make sure you really want the tattoo”

Here are some movies and tv series titles which Addie acted:

  • Mommy got boobs
  • Girls gone pink
  • Pure mature
  • Filthy kings
  • Blacked
  • Impulse
  • Deeper and so on

Addie Andrews Networth:

As of now, Addie Andrew earned $300,000(her Networth for now). It may increase as she already has many movies and adult films in her hands.

Relationship status:

Presently there’s no information or not even rumors about her boyfriend or spouse or anyone else.

We can only assume that she doesn’t have one in her life. She must be single or lesbian. No one knows and there’s no records too.

But, by seeing her posts in Instagram, she has only small circle of friends and the one with her must her closest friend where I found her in almost every picture in Addie’s post.

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