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Who is Megnutt02 (Megan Guthrie)? Private Leaked Video

Megan Guthrie is an 18-years old American citizen, who is a TikTok star (content creater) and an internet celebrity (TikTok and Instagram ID – megnutt02). Let us wrap her other details in a box full of information in it


  • Birth date                – 14th
  • Birth month & year – February, 2019
  • Profession              – internet celebrity, tiktokstar
  • Place of birth           – Miami, Florida
  • Parents                   – unknown
  • Relationship status – unknown
  • Net worth               – USD 1-4 Millions (approx)

There’s no much information about her siblings and her schooling. We can just assume she did her high school in her hometown may be. Megan kept everything about her personal life so mysterious. The reason might be, she doesn’t feel much comfort sharing it to the social media.

When did Megan’s life started to bloom?

Megan Guthrie

(source: instagram)

Megan started posting her videos in Tiktok pages with the ID – megnutt02 as I mentioned above and she is also a quite active and popular person in Instagram too with 992k followers & 898 following with 99 posts. She also has a snapchat account too with 5.6M followers. It seems she has a good number of fans at her back like a Megan squad. It all started in July, 2019 during the pandemic time. 

Megan Guthrie who is known for her Tiktok videos, with the sexiest and a charming look began to gain over 8.9M followers in her Tiktok page.

Megnutt02 Tiktok

(source: instagram)

This is recent picture posted by Megan in her Instagram page 

In 2020, by the month march she reached about one million followers in her tiktok page where she also thanked by sharing a special thanking video to her followers. This must be a greatest achievement to her as a teenager.

Megan’s tiktok videos is usually based on jokes, new trendings, dancing and so on.  She has quite humoristic contents in her tiktok page. Megan Guthrie commenced to do many commercial advertisements as her tiktok contents is high on trending in the United States.

How did Megnutt02 overcome the bad moments in her life?

Megan Guthrie has been so calm and didn’t react angrily where her nude picture leaked on the internet in a particular website called Theonlyf reddit.


Every of her fans thought that she wantedly posted her nude picture on the internet in order to gain more attention on her. But it was completely wrong.

She’s not the one who posted her nude pictures. There she faced his issue with a very calm response and blamed none of the people or her fans for commenting about her body parts. Instead, she took it as very easy thing and moved on. She is the girl with the self-esteem and not making things so big

Once she also got punished by her parents when she posted a picture with a glass of wine. After days, Megan tried to commit suicide. 

Actively using accounts of Megan Guthrie

  • Instagram:
  • TikTok: @megnutt02
  • Tweeter: (Megan Guthrie) @megnutt02

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