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Benefits of Playing Piano

It’s no secret. Music makes everything better, which is why it’s hard to imagine the world without it. So learning an instrument is not such a bad idea. You don’t have to be in a musical family or a prodigy. If you practice hard enough, you can learn any instrument eventually.

But what instrument should you learn first? Well, if you are looking for some suggestions, the best one to start with should be a piano. Now, there are plenty of opinions out there on why the piano is a great instrument. But if that is not enough to convince you, below are some of the benefits you can gain from playing the piano that all piano forums should agree with no problem.

Stress Relief

Studies have shown that playing the piano can help you relieve your stress. Piano players tend to experience less depression and anxiety than non-musical people. Playing even for a few minutes every day can help lift your spirits, making you more positive.

So if ever you had a hard day, playing the piano can relieve you of some of that stress. 

Split Concentration

It’s not every day that you’ll only have one task. Sometimes, you need to take on multiple ones, especially if you have a deadline. So you need to have split concentration, which can be polished if you play the piano. 

When you play the piano, you need to read the music sheet, use both hands, work the pedals and listen to the notes if you are hitting them right. All at the same time! 

That is why playing the piano is a good way for you to master split concentration.

It’s Easier to Play

It may sound like favoritism, but the piano truly is one of the easy instruments to play. If you want to play string instruments like the guitar, you have to build calluses on your fingertips first. If you want to play brass or wind instruments, you need to know how to use your facial muscles and lips to produce the right note. These can be painful, which sometimes discourages someone from picking up an instrument.

But if you want to play the piano, all you will do is sit and press down a key.


Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to connect synapses and reorganize them when responding to experiences or learning. In other words, your brain can change form when you do physical activities. 

Playing the piano has a positive change in your brain. That is because while you play, your brain is forming new connections. So while you are working on a tough piece, you are also improving your attention, memory, language, speech, etc.

In a study conducted in Georgia and Texas, researchers found a significant correlation between the academic achievements in science, language, math, and arts and the number of years of instrumental music.

It’s good for Your Physical Health

As well as mental health, your physical health also improves when you play the piano. It improves hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills. And since it relieves stress, respiratory and heart rates, blood pressure, and cardiac complications also reduce. 

Playing the piano also makes your arm muscles and hands stronger.

Constructive Criticism

You get a lot of constructive criticism, as well as some positive feedback from your family and peers. 

Sometimes it’s hard to receive criticism. But when it’s offered to you gently, you’ll be able to accept more feedback as you grow up. The ability to learn and respond to criticism will carry over in other aspects of your life, like work, relationships, and school.

Live a Beautiful Life

It sounds subjective but learning an instrument can make life more beautiful, as both a player and a listener. And the piano is a good example of this because it’s an instrument that can reflect human emotions and feelings. It’s no surprise that you react strongly with wonder, joy, or sorrow when you hear the piano.

And the best thing about this is that you can also share your music with your friends and family.


The piano is one of the best instruments for you to learn. And the benefits above are just among the others you can gain from playing it. So be sure to share this article to let people know just how awesome the piano is.

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