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Everything You Need to Know before Attending a Luxury Yacht Party

You’ve received an invite to a luxury yacht party. Anybody who’s anybody is going to be there. While you’re excited to attend, you’re also a little nervous. 

You know that you’re going to have to be on your best behavior, and that’s no problem. What you’re worried about is finding something to wear. 

How fancy do you need to go? Are dress shoes necessary? Take a deep breath and calm down. 

We’ve got a guide that will help you dress to impress and stay in good standing with the captain and crew. Check out this guide to learn more about attending your first yacht party. 

Leave the Shoes Behind

Something to note before you head to a boat party is that most yacht companies have a no-shoes rule that they expect all guests to follow. 

Before you step onto the deck, you’ll be required to slip your shoes off. The crew will direct you on where you can put them for the duration of the event. 

So, we don’t recommend wearing your best dress shoes. Nobody is going to see them anyway. We will say that there are some yachts that do allow for footwear, but you have to keep in mind that the decks are usually made with teak wood.

If you walk on them in high heels or heavy shoes, you’re going to some damage. You want to wear the lightest footwear that you’ve got. 

Behave Yourself

When you go to any kind of fancy party, you’re expected to behave a certain way. It’s especially true when you’re attending a fancy yacht party.

You’re allowed to have fun and relax, but don’t get sloppy drunk. That’s a good way to get yourself kicked off the boat. Depending on what kind of party you’re attending, you might run into a few famous people. 

Nobody wants to deal with crazy fans while they’re trying to relax. Try to calm down and keep your excitement contained.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t speak to the famous person, but take a moment to compose yourself first. 

Choose the Right Wardrobe 

Now it’s time to answer the ultimate question. What’s the proper yacht party attire? For men, a pair of khakis and a light button-up will suit you well. 

Women can get by with a flowy sundress. Something that has those relaxed sea vibes. Consider wearing shades and a sunhat to protect yourself from harsh UV rays. 

Even if you’re not invited to an all white yacht party, you should still say away from darker shades. Brighter colors are much more appropriate for sailing on a boat. 

We will say that the attire will look a bit different if you’re attending a yacht party after the sun goes down. These parties are often much dressier. You’ll find that the men are wearing nice tuxes and the women are in fancy dresses and silk tops. 

Be Respectful of the Crew

We can’t stress this enough. Be kind to the crew! 

They’re doing their best to make sure that everyone on board is having the best time possible. The last thing they need is an angry guest giving them a hard time. 

Try to be a bit patient with them after you make a request. Another thing to note is that the crew can’t help you if you don’t keep them informed. If a spill or accident happens on board, that’s something that they need to know about right away. 

You can bring kids of all ages onto the yacht. In the case of some charters, there will be games and toys available that will keep them occupied. 

This being said, the crew is not your babysitter. You’ll need to keep an eye on your children yourself or bring along a nanny who can. 

Leave a Tip

Going off our last point, if you’re impressed with the crew’s service, don’t be afraid to leave them a tip. The person who organizes the event will be in charge of leaving the biggest tips, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be generous. 

If you can’t manage to pull the person you want to tip over to the side to hand them the money, give it to the captain. They’ll make sure it gets to the right crew member. 

Watch Where You Smoke

There’s no smoking allowed on a yacht unless specified otherwise. Some charters have areas set aside for it. Don’t light up in any other place but the designated area. 

Be conscious of the other guests. Make sure that you enjoy your after-dinner cigarette downwind. This way, your not blowing the smoke in the faces of the other guests. 

Pay Attention to the Safety Briefings

The minute you step on the boat, the captain and crew will go over basic safety measures with you. Pay attention to every word they say. 

During this briefing, they’ll show you where the safety vests and boats are. They’ll also go over what you should do in the event of an emergency. 

Things to Know Before Heading to a Luxury Yacht Party

It’s easy to freak out when you get an invitation to a luxury yacht party. Knowing what to wear and how to behave can be more than a little stressful. 

Take a deep breath. As you can see, just because you’re at a fancy party, doesn’t mean you have to walk on eggshells the entire time. Relax, follow these tips, and have fun. 

For more advice that will help you prepare for any party or event, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog. 

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