Best Running Sneakers

How to Choose the Best Running Sneakers

Have you recently started a new running hobby? Running is a great way to get your cardio in and enjoy some much-needed time outdoors. As you work on your breathing techniques and begin to build your endurance, you may notice your shoes not being able to keep up with you. 

Are the shoes you currently wear on your runs made for running? If you didn’t buy them with the intent of using them for running purposes, then they might not be actual running shoes. It’s important to wear your best running sneakers when running because they’re made to support you during your run.

Before you buy any running sneaker though, you’ll want to first know how to choose running sneakers right for your needs. Continue reading below for the running sneakers buying guide you don’t want to miss!

Make Sure They’re Made For Running

As briefly mentioned before, you want to choose sneakers made for running. Don’t walk into a shoe store and buy the first pair that sticks out to you. Sure, there are going to be some cool designs, colors, and styles of sneakers in there, but functionality needs to come first. 

If you’re going to be running in these shoes often, then they need to be made specifically for runners. This is the best way to ensure you have an enjoyable running experience each and every time. If you need help, then simply ask the sales associate to help guide you to all of their running shoes. 

Get Fitted by a Sales Associate

How the sneaker fits you is also important. To prevent injuries, you need a running shoe that fits you perfectly. A good way to be sure your sneakers fit you right is to have a sales associate fit the sneaker for you. 

They do this every day for a living and will know if the sneakers fit you well or not. 

Leave Space in Front

When trying the shoes on, you want to leave a thumbs-width in length at the front of the shoe. You don’t want your toe touching the front. This will prevent your toes from smashing up against the front of the shoe when running down a hill or after swelling. 

Try on at End of the Day

Another great tip to follow is to try your sneakers on at the end of the day. Many people’s feet swell throughout the day, even if it’s only a slight change. For this reason, you’ll get a more accurate measurement if you wait until the afternoon or evening to try your sneakers on.

Think About the Width

Don’t forget to think about the width of the sneaker as well. You can find running shoes made to accommodate narrow feet or wide feet. Think about what’s best for your feet and be sure to try all available options. 

Consider the Type of Running Shoe You Want

Now it’s time to think about the type of running sneaker you want. Not all running sneakers are made the same. Different running sneakers are made with different running purposes in mind.

What type of running will you be doing? Which running sneaker would be best for you? Here are a few options to consider. 

Trail Running

Do you enjoy running on trails? If so, then you most likely run through the dirt and small rocks. In this case, you’ll need a more durable upper. 

Lugs on the bottom of the sneakers will offer a better grip in these conditions.


If you’re a fast runner or compete in races, then a lightweight running sneaker is ideal. These sneakers won’t be as durable as your everyday running sneakers, but won’t place any weight on your feet. You can also expect less cushion in lightweight sneakers. 

Everyday Running

An everyday running shoe is one of your most versatile options. These kinds of running shoes are best if you run on a daily basis and in several different conditions. They’re durable and will be able to handle most types of running. 

Know How Much Support and Cushion You Need

Do you know how much cushion you want your running sneakers to have? Some people enjoy a lot of cushion while others prefer minimal cushion in their shoes. You can start by simply placing a few different options on your feet. 

Try some with a lot of cushion and others with a little cushion. Which ones feel the most comfortable to you? Comfort should play a huge role in determining the right cushion level for you. 

You want your running sneakers to feel good from the start. If you like the plush feel then go for a highly-cushioned sneaker. If you like the feel of the ground under your feet, then go the opposite direction. 

For optimal comfort, always check out the reviews and walk around in the sneakers before deciding. One great comfortable running shoe is the ZX line by Adidas. You can buy Adidas here to find the right running shoe for you. 

The Best Running Sneakers Are What Works Best For You

What are the best running sneakers? There’s no one answer to that question. The best running sneakers are what works the best for you and your specific running needs. 

Use all of the helpful information given in this guide above to help you choose running sneakers you’ll love for years to come. For more information on cardio training, home gym, workouts, and more, don’t forget to check back here on a regular basis!

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