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Footwear for women is elegant, classy, sophisticated and feminine. Every women wants to feel comfort at her feet. With the introduction of so many styles in footwear, it is easy to get confused. We often encounter an experience off buying the wrong pair of footwear. Or sometimes it works fine for the initial days but then you start complaining of pain and discomfort in the feet or the ankle region. This happens because we buy footwear in a hurry.

Follow the below tips and you will never end up buying the wrong footwear ever

  • Buy a footwear that compliments your feet – Some have feet which are narrower at the fingertips while some have broad feet. If you have broad feet, never buy shoe which are closed at the tip.
  • Try walking in the chosen footwear – Once you finalise on a pair, wear it and walk. This will help you understand the level of comfort the shoes will provide.
  • Size of the shoes will not always be correct – Sometimes even if you buy a footwear of your foot size, it does not feel comfortable. And moreover both our feet are different in sizes. So if a footwear doesn’t feel comfortable, do not buy it.
  • Check for the quality of the sole – The sole should be strong enough to protect your feet from any sharp object on the road. Plastic sole should be avoided as it leads to danger of slipping.
  • Wear socks and try sneakers – If you like wearing socks inside sneakers, then the size of the shoes should be considered after trying it with socks on.
  • Avoid open footwear in summer – You don’t want to get tanned feet !! In summer, open footwear is a complete NO.
  • Don’t but footwear in sale – Sale is just an illusion which persuades the customer to overlook all the flaws of the product. Footwear displayed in sale lacks quality.
  • Change your footwear regularly – Like any other product, footwear also comes with an expiry date. Consider buying a new pair every 6 months to maintain happy feet.

Occasions determine which footwear should be worn. Party and casual footwear at different. So let’s have a look at the options of styles in women footwear.

  • High heels
  • Flats
  • Pumps
  • Trendy sneakers
  • Mojdis
  • Kolhapuri chappals are back in fashion
  • Ankle high boots
  • Gladiators
  • Booties
  • Ballet flats
  • Animal print heels and flats
  • Ankle strap sandals
  • Glitter and floral heels

Famous brands for women fashion footwear are Bata, Metro, Reliance Footprint, Catwalk, Citywalk, Hush Puppies, Woodland, Mochi and many more. Brands are many but making the choice wisely is important. While buying footwear, take the price into consideration along with the quality. Never compromise on the quality of the footwear. Poor material results in sore feet, dwelling, redness and cuts. This becomes worst during the summer.

So, next time you buy a footwear make sure to check it for durability and value for money.

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