Why Shifting to Smart Bulbs is a Great Idea?

People take the lighting of a home for granted. But do you know lighting plays an essential for a person’s mental health? Good, soothing lights can improve your mood while too bright or too dim lights can irritate you. Sometimes you have to use different types of lighting to elevate your house design. You may think then you have to buy a vast variety of bulbs. But in this technological era, everything is made simpler bulbs are no exception. Smart bulbs are a revolutionary product. You can install these smart bulbs in your house and connect them to your voice assistant or mobile phone. There are a plethora of amazing perks you receive from this smart bulb. And here are a few of them:


The major reason behind the increase in smart bulb usage is convenience. From installing to managing, the process is simpler and it’s a bigger achievement in the lighting field. People who have disabilities cannot travel to every room to turn off the lights while going to bed. A simple voice command to the voice assistant or a simple click on your phone can solve that issue with smart bulbs. People in a wheelchair will struggle to reach the switches to turn on the lights. Smart bulbs are a lifesaver for them.

The list can go on. For instance, if you forgot to switch off lights while leaving for work, your mobile phone will notify and you can turn them off then and there. You need not worry about rushing back home and going late for work.

Mood Changes

You have color-changing options in smart bulbs. You can alter the light settings as per your mood, for instance, if you’re watching a horror movie you can change the lights to red to elevate your movie experience. You can switch to a multi-color setting if you’re hosting a party or DJ night. Some people like to have at least a dim light while sleeping, with smart bulbs you’ll get to choose how much light you want. Normal lights do not have these kinds of options.

Energy Saving

Now you may think, a smart bulb connected to wifi will cost so much electricity. But that’s just a myth. Most smart bulbs are LED, and it saves more energy usage. With a motion sensor, if a room is empty smart lights will turn off automatically. Even if you don’t buy the automatic type, you can turn them off with a voice command or phone from anywhere. So first the lights don’t use much energy and you will never forget to turn them off. Smart bulbs double profit in energy saving.

Smart bulbs are installed all over the house from the living room, kitchen, and bedroom to the bathroom. You’ll have control at the tip of your finger. You can access them all from your couch or while traveling or from the office. Most people prefer motion sensor smart bulb which are even more convenient as you don’t even have to give a command. It will just turn on automatically when you walk in and turn off when you walk out.

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