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Why Doctors Recommend Leg Pillows for the Aged Patients

As you age, your body will start experiencing changes. For example, your immune system weakens, and the risk of illness increases.

This is why you find that most seniors suffer from chronic pain and need to manage it using medications. Also, making them comfortable when sitting or sleeping will help reduce pain. That’s why doctors recommend using Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for their elderly patients. This article focuses on the benefits of using leg pillows for the elderly.

Align the spine to improve body posture

When your body parts are aligned well, the pressure exerted on your spine is reduced. Leg pillows will also give your body good posture, whether sitting or sleeping.

Your spine should always maintain its normal curve to reduce injury to the vertebrae or discs. When your body parts are aligned well, the pressure exerted on your spine is reduced. 

Reduces back pain

Among the elderly, the most prevalent complaint is lower back pain. This can be caused by the degeneration of joints in the lumbar region. The degeneration causes chronic pain, which you can achieve with medicines, exercises, and sometimes physiotherapy.

The pain increases when you strain your back when sleeping, sitting, or bending. A leg pillow will help ease the pressure on your lumbar section, reducing pain.

Improves blood circulation

Most of our elders suffer from high blood pressure, which adds to their risk of cardiovascular disease. A leg pillow helps improve blood circulation in the body, which helps reduce hypertension.

Poor blood circulation in your legs can also lead to soreness and numbness. Doctors advise shifting when using a leg pillow. Don’t stay for more than four hours in the same position.

It helps achieve a comfortable rest

We all deserve a comfortable rest, but our elders deserve it more. This is because they experience a lot of fatigue, and their body takes time to regain strength. This is why you need a leg pillow to help reduce fatigue and increase your rest. A leg pillow can also help you achieve quality sleep.

Reduces inflammation and pain in your legs

Older adults often experience edema (swelling of the legs). People have gotten used to this and even take it as usual. Edema occurs when fluid retention on the blood vessels can be chronic.

Using a leg pillow helps drain fluid, allowing blood to flow poorly to the heart for good circulation.

Using a leg pillow also helps your leg muscles to relax. This helps in the prevention or reduction of pain. It’s also good to use a leg pillow if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery. It helps prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and reduces blood clots, leading to fast healing.

Take Away

As a senior, you need all the comfort you can get. By using a pillows for knees, you will enjoy maximum comfort when sitting or sleeping. Also, you get to boost your mental health since the pillow will help reduce pain and swelling. When buying a leg pillow, choose good quality and one that will match your needs.

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